every thing i didn't say

i stare out my rain covered window taking in what i can of rhode island as we drive to the air port my parents are sending me to go live with my uncle paul but we won't be in one place for long my mum said i don't know why but i just said okay


2. michael stop!

louis' POV

i woke up and heard some one in the kitchen "niall get out of the kitchen would you" i said "mate what are you talking about I'm right here" i heard niall say in his morning voice in the bed across from me "then who's in the kitchen?" i asked getting up i grabbed a pillow in case it was an intruder "what are you doing in our kitchen?" i asked "paul doesn't have any lucky charms" jessica said then took a bite of the cereal "and i figured with niall in here you would" she continued i chuckled shaking my head "niall mate i think i found your twin" i called to him he groaned "who is it?" he asked annoyed coming in the kitchen seeing jessica eating the cereal he smiled but then frowned "what are you doing up at" he started then looked at the clock "2:00 in the morning?" he asked she gulped "uh um" she was stuttering "bad dream?" he asked she nodded looking down "okay come on lets go" he said after she put her bowl in the sink he lead her to his bed "you can sleep in here with us" he said she smiled "thanks" she basically whispered she laid down as niall was about to lay with me "can you lay with me?" she asked niall he smiled and nodded and climbed in with her and they cuddled and fell asleep and i did too shortly after

jessica's POV

i woke up still in nialls arms i tried to get up but he just held onto me tighter "niall" i said he groaned i poked his cheek "nialler wakey upy" i said he moaned this time i heard louis chuckle "well someone likes you" lou said i giggled "i have an idea"i said then i slowly slid my hand down nialls back then on his leg teasing him he pulled me closer and i could feel him getting hard i kissed down his neck and found his sweet spot then i stopped he groaned "now niall get up" i yelled he jumped up i smirked then he noticed that he had a boner louis was laughing "ugh why me" niall said going to the bathroom i laughed rolling around on the bed i finally stopped laughing then a few minutes later niall came out of the bathroom this time with out a boner "how you doing 'mate'" i said louis was laughing again niall shot me a glare "i better get back to my room before paul freaks" i said still giggling from what just happen. when i got back into paul's room he was sitting watching tv "where were you?" he asked turning to me " i got hungry in the middle of the night and went into niall and louis's room and ended up sleeping in there" i said grabbing some cloths 


after i got dressed i brushed my hair and my teeth i went into the room we all first meet yesterday i guess thats liam's and zayn's room i walked in and plopped down on the couch then the couch groaned? i looked down red was there i muffled my giggles and laid on him "good morning" i said he groaned again "don't make me do to you what i did to niall" i said as if right on Que niall walked in "niall tell michael to wake up or ill have to do to him what i did to you" i said "mate if i were you i would get up" niall warned him i was smirking and then michael opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around me (a/n they are laying with their stomachs against each other just saying lol) and closed his eyes again i groaned "fine i didn't wanna have to do this" i said and then i did the thing where i ran my hand down his side and teased him down there he moaned as i was teasing him i kissed his neck and behind his ear and sucked on his sweet spot i felt hi get hard under me and he moaned again "now get up red or else" i said he opened his eyes and stared at me with shock i got up and stood smirking at him "now you might want to go fix your problem before paul comes in" i said he looked down and then he ran to the bathroom like niall did "we tried to warn him" niall said i laughed "well aren't you just a tricky little girl" luke said walking in "I'm guessing you saw what happened" i said he nodded " remind me to never have you wake me up" he said "just listen and every thing will be fine"  i said while smirking he nodded then my phone went off 'you know blue if you wanna wake me up like that let me know so i can be in my private room ;)'~michael5SOS i blushed "who id that and why are you blushing?" niall asked "huh oh no one" i said and sat on the couch michael walked out of the bathroom and sat down next to me looked at me i blushed again and he smirked then he took out his phone 'you okay blue your a bit red?'~michael5SOS 'just peachy -.-~jems8241 'aww come on love you know you enjoy my offer'~michael5SOS 'never'~jems8241  i put away my phone and pulled luke into the hall to talk to him "do you know why michael won't actually talk to me?" i asked him he looked around the hall "luke spill or else" i warned "okay i can't tell you or michael will kill me" he said and went in the room i stormed in after him "lucas i swear if you don't tell me i can be worse than him" i basically yelled "i can't michael has his devious ways" he said i got really close to him and whispered in his ear "and you think i don't" then i looked at him he looked nervous "watch your back Hemmings" i whispered to him "and you" i said pointing to michael "i will find out why you don't talk to me sooner or later and trust me i can make every one spill out what their thinking... speaking of wheres calum" i said smirking michael looked at me with wide eyes then to the door i walked out the door and went to calms room and knocked he answered the door i pushed him in and walked in closing the door behind me "your going to tell me what i want to know" i said he gulped "why doesn't michael talk to me?" i asked he looked at me with wide eyes "i can't tell you" he said "hmm luke said the same thing" i said "give me what i want or ill make you regret it" i said he looked around the room i pushed him on the bed "okay ill tell you" he said i smiled "michael doesn't like you" he said i felt a weird feeling in my stomach my face went pale "he thinks all the tricks you play are stupid" he said "o-okay" i said and walked away with no emotion on my face i walked back in the room and sat on the couch as far away from michael as possible i just stared at the white wall "jessica?" luke asked i looked at him then back at the wall. "are you okay?" he asked again its like thee fifth time in ten minutes i looked at him then the wall again i just blinked every now and then and just stared at the wall "are you hungry love?" liam asked me "no" is all i said niall gasped "there is something wrong with her she's like my twin she is always eating" niall said "how she's so skinny" liam said niall shrugged i felt someone sit next to me i was scared it was michael because i can't look at him and if i do so many different things could happen i looked to my side it was calum he looked at me with worried eyes i just looked back at the walls. paul walked in i got up and smiled at him "hey uncle paul i was just about to go back to our room I'm feeling a bit tiered" i said "okay but we are going out for dinner your coming right?" he asked "no I'm good thank you I'm full" i said he nodded and i went to our room and laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling my phone buzzed 'you okay blue?'~michael5SOS 'wonderful couldn't be better..but why would you care'~jems8241 'what do you mean?'~michael5SOS i just read it and put my phone on the bed side table and turned on my side and almost screamed when i saw him i got up and went and sat in the bath room...in the bathtub and started to cry. why was he there? why does he hate me? ​because your stupid ugly fat and an idiot why do you think your parents sent you here. my inner voice said i just cried harder someone was knocking on the bathroom door i got up washed my face and opened the door it was paul "what happen why were you crying?" he asked "nothing just miss home"i lied he nodded and left in the next room i heard yelling "what the hell did you guys do she was crying in the bathroom" i heard paul yell i ran into the room "paul they didn't do anything i just said i miss home" i said "thats he biggest lie you have ever told" he said i looked at the ground "why were you crying?" he asked again in a more calm gentle tone "nothing just found out some things and i got a little upset" i said i looked at calum the michael his face was red from anger? then i looked at calum and he looked scared i walked over and sat next to calum and hugged him "thank you" i whispered "for what?" he asked "telling me" i said and laid my head on his shoulder "um that-that wasn't exactly the truth" he mumbled i stood up "what" i said angrily "uh well i couldn't and still can't tell you the real reason" he said "s-so you lied to me?" i asked he nodded looking ashamed "im so-" he started but i cut him off "no i don't have time for more and more lies so don't even try to say your sorry to me" i said i walked out of the room and back into mine and paul's room and laid on my bed my phone went off i looked at it 'don't be mad at calum its my fault'~michael5SOS 'great your an ass and you protect liars'~jems8241 'what no i told him to lie because i don't want you to know'~michael5SOS 'why what is so bad about it jesus why can't you just talk to me am i that annoying'~jems8241 'jesus thats why i don't talk to you your always like that and yes you are annoying all you stupid little games i wish you weren't here'~michael5SOS i dropped my phone a ran to the bathroom and locked the for i turned on the shower so paul would just think I'm taking a shower i took out my blade and started to cut and i kept cutting and cutting until everything went black

i woke up and i was on my bed paul next to me "fuck me" i said and sat up "why" is all he said "some people don't want me here and I'm obviously just a burden to you and the rest of the boys" i said "who the hell told you that" he said getting angry "well technically they didn't tell me the dm'd me but any-" i said but he cut me off "michael" he yelled and went out of the room "no paul stop" i yelled running after him he went into liam and zayn's room and michael was sitting laughing on the couch that just made me want to curl up in a ball and cry "clifford you are so in trouble" paul basically yelled he looked at paul then he saw me his face went pale i guess the rest of the boys including him saw my arm i put it behind my back and looked at the ground "uncle paul its not that big of a deal" i said he turned to me "yes it is i found you laying on the bathroom floor unconscious and bleeding" he said "and its because some people say that they don't want you here that is not going to slide" he said turning to michael all of the boys looked at him "what the bloody hell is wrong with you mate first you basically ignore her because of a reason then you tell her you hate her and don't want here are you mad" liam yelled at him i was now sitting in a corner knees to my chest balling my eyes out in my knees no one noticed until a few minutes after the 1D boys left along with luke and ashton and paul "what is wrong with you why would you tell her that" calum yelled at michael after the others left while I'm still sitting here basically in a ball crying michael had his head in his hands pulling at his hair "say something" calum yelled at him michael stood up fast i got up to scared he was going to hit calum "michael back away from calum now" i said walking and standing between them he looked hurt "he wouldn't hit me" calum said "just go sit on the couch" calum said i nodded a little unsure and sat down "do you have anything to say" calum said to michael "yeah i do i know I'm a bloody idiot and i realize i don't talk to her or around her okay its a good damn reason hood so why don't you shut up and leave it alone" michael  yelled at calum getting ready to hit him i jumped up and grabbed his arm and was pushing calum away "michael calm down" i said looking into his eyes his eyes were a dark green unlike the usual happy bright green eyes he looked me in the eyes and they started to return to normal "god dammit" he yelled punching a wall "calum get out" i said "no-"he started "get out now" i almost yelled he nodded and left "michael look at me" i said he shook his he and hit the wall "michael look at me or i swear to god i will make you" i said he was about to hit the wall but i grabbed his arm and turned him around and hugged him "stop hitting the wall" i said letting go of him and looking into his eyes "just calm down"

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