every thing i didn't say

i stare out my rain covered window taking in what i can of rhode island as we drive to the air port my parents are sending me to go live with my uncle paul but we won't be in one place for long my mum said i don't know why but i just said okay


4. meeting their parents

jessica's POV

today we are all going to a big lunch with the rest of the boys mums and calum's dad. to be truthful im kinda nervous i like calum what if his parents dont like me what if they totally hate me then i couldnt date calum but what if he doesn't even actually like me what if he is just trying to get in my pants he wouldn't be the first guy :(. i was just sitting on calum's bed staring at my hands "hey are you okay?" calum asked sitting next to me lifting my head up with his finger i smiled at him "yeah just thinking" i said he nodded and kissed me on the cheek "calum" i said "yeah" he said facing me "do you like me?" i asked he smiled "no" he said i felt my heart shatter "i love you" he said i looked at him and smiled i kissed him i was about to pull away but he pulled me on him and it started to get heated then someone walked in i was gonna pull away but calum held me there i mean im not complaining but then the person cleared their throat calum groaned "what luke" he whined "its time to go to the lunch with our parents" luke said "oh yeah i almost forgot" calum said i got off of him "yup you guys have fun" i said they both looked at me and said "your coming" i sighed then got up and went to the bathroom and fixed my hair "hey jessica before we go can i ask you something?" calum asked i giggled "technically you just did but sure" i said turning to him he chuckled "um will you um go out with me?" he asked me scrathing the back of his neck nervously i smiled "yes" i said i hugged him he picked me up and spun me around i giggled "well good now i can introduce you to my parents as my girlfriend" he said putting me down "what if they dont like me?" i asked "i dont care i do but my parents will love you" he said smiling i smiled and hugged him "okay lets go they are waiting" he said and grabbed my hand and lead me down stairs when we got down there mrs. hemmings and the rest of the boys we all went out to the car and got in mrs. hemmings was driving luke in the passenger and ashton michael and calum in the back and i sat on calums lap because well there was no room i had my legs across michael and my feet on ashton and calum had his arms around me. when we got to the restaurant i got out first and almost fell when i made sure i was all good i looked up and saw the rest of the boys parents i blushed and then the rest of the boys got out from the car i basically hid behind them then they went and greeted their parents then they introduced me to them all of the moms were nice then calum introduced me to his dad and im pretty sure his dad hates me he gave me a dirty look i looked at the floor when he did, we walked in the restaurant and got seated right away i was just staring at my hands in my lap i could feel people staring at me i looked up and they were all staring at me i blushed "what?" i asked "the girl doesn't even pay attention" calums dad said and rolled his eyes i blushed even more "dad dont be rude" calum said "calum its fine" i said he shook his head "no its not he has done nothing but give you dirty looks and insult you since you got out of the car" calum said "calum its fine really" i insisted "no" calum said and stood up "calum sit down" i said he huffed and sat down "great our son does what she wants" his dad said i took a deep breath "mr. Hood could you please just tell me why you dont like me im a big girl and can handle insults" i said crossing my arms "fine if you want to know i dont think your good enough for our son you look some low life american trash that is just looking for money and i dont want someone like you who dyes their hair and has piercings around my son" he said i stood up from my chair i was pissed "well let me tell you about what i think and i dont care if you wanna hear it or not i dont want calum for his money i want to be with calum because i love him i dont need his money im not some low life american i am american but i am NOT a low life and so what if i dye my hair and have piercings so doesn't michael but you fine with him so excuse me for not being perfect" i said and walked away from the table leaving everyone shocked i walked out of the restaurant and got a cab back to the hemmings house i got inside and packed my bags and booked a flight back to america i had tears streaming down my face as i sat in the back seat of a cab after i went through everything at the airport i had a half an hour left till my plane boarded i got a text on my phone 'where are you???'~calum 'leaving dont try to stop me its to late.. i love you'~me just then he called me ' jessica i love you to please dont leave' calum begged 'im sorry but my plane leaves soon' i said tears streaming down my face again 'jessica please i dont want to loose you' i heard his crying 'calum i wont be gone forever i'll join you back on tour in a few months okay?" i said "okay i love you so much" he said "i love you too" i said then hung up "flight to california please begin boarding" a lady said over the intercom i got up and boarded the plane 

*after the plane ride*

after a really long and boring plane ride i was finally in Cali i got my bag and was searching for my friend kat all i had to do is look for bright red hair i heard someone yell my name i turned and saw kat she ran to me and we were hugging "kat i havent seen you in forever!!" i exclaimed "i know" she yelled "okay lets go ive missed the California sun to much of australias" i said laughing she laughed too. this is going to be fun but i miss calum terrible....

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