The Fandom Games

Each district is a different world, and within it holds your favourite characters. What happens when the 74th Annual Hunger Games has a male and female from each district fight to the death?

Who will survive?


4. District Three Reaping

Clary Fray stood with her friends and family on the steps of the New York Institute. They had gathered here a

few minutes ago, but earlier that day they had all had a goodbye party, like they did every year, in case one of

them god taken.

Last year, Camille had been chosen and had gone kicking and screaming and never came back again- it was

a surprise she had even made it into the arena. Clary suspected that if the Peacekeepers hadn't been equipped

to handle all species then there would have been an international uproar.

Jace held one of her hands while Jocelyn held the other as Robert took his place on the stage. He had been

chosen to hold the reaping this year, as it was going to be done right on the Institute's own front courtyard.

The wind was biting at her skin, so she rearranged her scarf that Simon had bought her around her face, and the warmth blocked the wind. It was comforting even as she knew what was to come- all morning shadowhunters

had been gathering from all over America to find out who would have to go and take part while the rest of them

were forced to watch as the other districts fought with them. Everyone thought Shadowhunters should win easily

sue to the mixed blood, but the other districts appeared to be far from mundane; one district (district one if she was right) even seemed to have shadowhunters of their own, though they seemed disorientated when faced with some of the technology. Clary wondered who they were. 


"Welcome to the reaping." Robert said, his voice a monotone. His eyes seemed also dead, though he must have been feeling scared as two of his children, Alec and Isabelle, were up for the reaping.

"The first tribute from District Three will be..." he rooted around for a minute, and only took a piece out when a couple of peacekeepers made to move him along. "Aline Penhallow." He announced finally, still with no expression. Clary breather out sharply- although it was no one she knew that well, Aline was a close friend of the Lightwoods and Blackthorns. Beside her, Jace stirred. "Jace." She hissed as Aline called out and began to walk forward. "Don't you dare."

Buy Jace didn't even look at her, and she felt her heart drop as he raised his hand and shouted, "I volunteer as tribute!" And ran to the front. Jocelyn gripped her hand tighter but didn't say a word. "Mom, I'm not going to do anything." She said, though and idea was forming in her head. Jocelyn, looked at her for a long moment. "Okay, but-"

Clary ran forward a couple of steps as Robert read the next name- she didn't even hear what he said- and shouted the same as Jace. She heard her mom gasp behind her, along with urgent protests from everyone else, but even though guilt dropped like a dead weight in her stomach, it was too late. She had to be with Jace.

Clary came to a stop next to him, then hugged him for a long time, ignoring the back rows of shadowhunters, where everyone would be feeling horrified. Frankly, Clary was horrified.

She thought she had been ready

But now she was faced with the other districts and had betrayed her family

She wasn't so sure anymore.




I find it really difficult to write with these characters, I just can't seem to get a grip on them, and also once we get into the actual games the chapters will be longer

Oh well, thanks for reading 



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