The Fandom Games

Each district is a different world, and within it holds your favourite characters. What happens when the 74th Annual Hunger Games has a male and female from each district fight to the death?

Who will survive?


1. District Lists

Each District is it's own world, and the two characters will be reaped into the Hunger Games. If they have any powers then they will remain.


One: The Infernal Devices


Two: Chaos Walking


Three: The Mortal Instruments


Four: Divergent


Five: The Wolves Of Mercy Falls


Six: The Vampire Diaries


Seven: Sherlock


Eight: Percy Jackson


Nine: Death Note


Ten: Harry Potter


Eleven: Various Characters

(Tessa Gray, Misa Amane, Ron Weasley, Moriarty, Stefan Salvatore, Mayor Prentiss, Simon Lewis)


Twelve: The Hunger Games




A/N: I hope to have chapter one up soon, however I'm very busy writing blog posts and another story, so updates may be a little irregular 

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