the fallen

when history comes to find you running will be your only option.


2. fun times

 "hey, who was that jerk?"

"past acquaintance' no body important"

"come on, Rhiannon how do you know him? one of the infamous past lovers or maybe a underground source in Rhiannon's secret life..."

"what is she hiding behind that dark exterior?"

"hey, what you guys talking about?"

"Rhiannon's, masked nights, who knows what she does under the cover of darkness"

"after you have quite finished. we are falling behind."

"After you M'lady..."

"what are you doing, Mac'..."

"checking to see if you are keeping a gun or knife in your back pockets"


"And that's a Damn nice arse"

"charmed Mac', charmed. Its such a wonder you don't have a girlfriend"

"aint' it just"

" come on, I do worry about your mind sometimes Mac'..."

" I wouldn't, he's a lost cause"

"good to know my friends have such high opinions of me, well you wait I will prove you all wrong."

"so anyway while you are working on that, James what are you doing this weekend, parents are away, I was planning on having everyone round, sleepover. you coming."

"course I will have to talk to parents first, but sure, who else is coming."

"Mac' will come even if he wasn't invited and the usual, Cat, Essie, May, Sam."

" sounds good, count me in"  

"what yah talking about"

" a magnificent garden party and your not invited, where's that from?"

"I don't know"

"pirates me thinks."

"aye' meharties, really bad eggs, drink up meharties yo ho."




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