the fallen

when history comes to find you running will be your only option.


3. an uneventful minute

"Master Lorne thank you for gracing us with you presence, Rhiannon, James everyone here, good. Now normal things, stay with the building, don't touch anything, don't set fire to anything, yadda yadda. everyone back for Three. bye, have fun, go ,shoo"

we all shuffled awkwardly away in our separate directions clustering and scanning our options.

" so where do you want to go first dinosaurs or earthquakes."

"uh, we have seen it all before"

" sneak out, we can be back by three"

"shouldn't we at least look around, as we are here anyway."

"so much the teachers pet aren't you James, who would ever guess. that. your. a ninja in disguise."

James quickly sidestepped the oncoming mass that was Mac leaving him to fall flat on his face and giggles to erupt from all directions. Mac shook off the pain and began bowing to the audience surrounding him with his largest joker grin plastered to his face.

"Come on Mac, MAC!"

" but my adoring fans, ok, ok, sorry. shows over folks, thank you, yes, please return to you visit. thank you. sooo?"

"ok, we will sneak out, where do you want to go instead."

"this is London capital of the UK, the world is our oyster, well at least London is, ish. more of a shrimp really..." 



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