the fallen

when history comes to find you running will be your only option.


1. a wake up call


He stood underneath the stature, his gaze fixed on the distance. A smug smile lit up his face as he turned, saw me and waved. With a close gaze on my collage party I wondered over to him.

"well if it isn't the fallen goddess, herself."

His unsettled gaze drifted across the herds in the concrete city.

"what do you want Apollo?"

The interruption to my mundane life, was far from usual. And not what I needed on a school trip.

"No flirting, no sharp comebacks, gods you have got boring, mortals weighing you down, nymph."  


"well I, in all my handsome, almighty demeanour, have come here to offer my humble assistance..."

" Great, thanks, but no thanks, bye..."

"Fine, well good luck staying alive, seriously, from what I have seen your going to need it."

"wait why the hell are you helping me. Surely Hermes should be helping me, being the god of travellers and all, isn't that his job?"

"Well yes but, your messenger boy ex' is a bit preoccupied at the moment, helping your fishy father find you and me being such a generous, selfless..."

His mind drifted off as he caught the attention of some of my giggly, churlish peer's. Flashing them one of his best provocative grins, I groaned as they once again erupted in vexatious giggles.

" Don't get distracted Apollo,"

" Wa' what was I saying."  

"Hermes, my father, looking for..."

"Ahhh yes, me being such a wonderful person and all decided to help you. Now..."

"how did you find me?"

"Very blunt now, aren't you. I followed the yellow brick road, just kidding, I just followed the trail of squalor and loneliness of a fallen immortal and ended up in one of the greatest cities in the world, London. Not as modern as most but the cultural grandeur is most appealing. Although not as nice as Athens in its day but back then London was just a mud hut with a few pigs then. The western world did develop much slower than us Mediterranean countries but..."

"Apollo, back to the point, your helping me how."

"Oh yes, this is for you, don't touch the blade I had it sharpened, and don't point it at me. this is also for you although I don't know what it is for mind, I mean I basically just ransacked your storage locker on Olympus. Hey, I did not deserve that, next time I wont help you. Humph."

"now try not to get in too much trouble, some help is on its way but just don't die before then, messenger boy and fish-face will never let it go. Bye"

"they, wait what, um thanks..."

Before I had stopped talking he ran, to do gods knows what. Wondering what the hell I was going to tell my teachers why I now had a sword, scabbard, ancient parchment covered in ancient Greek, and a trick box in my school bag. And trying to walk round London being inconspicuous, like going without a huge metaphorical sign on my forehead shouting 'weirdo here', was going to be so easy before.

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