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2. Keep everything inside

-keep everything inside-

I push my friends away,

I do this every time

When things go hard

I keep everything inside

Just like wearing an armor

that I think strong,but

Full if holes you made

I'll listen you if you want me to

I'll run after if you run away,too.

'Cause I don't know anybody else,

to love,anymore.

You can push me,

hurt me,broke me,

Even if you fall,

You can blame me.

I won't tell what I really feel

About you,yeah you.

I can't look at you inside the eyes,

Bae,because I'm scared

That I wont be able to forget you.

I'll disappear away if you need it.

I'll smile at you if you need it?

I'll cry with you if you just let me,

you know?

And I can't live without you,

'Cause I don't know anyone to love,

to love like you.

I'm afraid she will broke your heart, because of me,oh no..

So,my dear reason to cry,

You can keep hurting me.

But don't you go away!

I promise I'll keep everything inside.

But,maybe,oh,Do you think

there is a chance to hide together?

And I can't live without you,now?

Oh no...

Wish we can start over again.

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