The hunger games

How i think it should have ended competition.


1. 'Can i ask a question?'

Everything just feels like a haze. For all we’ve done… just became a slow motion. It’s given me the time to think, respecting the ones who I’ve lost. Staring out into the burnt, crispy fields ahead, that had been once the capitol not long ago. Everything, for some reason feels wrong for some reason suddenly.

            Embraced in Gale’s arms, comforting me close… it’s so wrong that I feel safe in his arms, as I’m devoted to Peeta.

Oh Peeta… he has been through so much and he looks… just ill, after rescuing and curing the tracker jacker venom inside him- he hadn’t been able to look at me, for some reason its killing me.


Haymitch is carrying a flare gun with Effie, the once obsessed fashion queen now dull and grey. Stuck with navy green jumpsuits, unable to make more clothing.

            ‘It’s okay,’ Gale whispers soothingly in my ear, making me shiver in delight. I kept my gaze out into the fields, trees crumbled and burnt, listening intently at the crackling sounds of leaves and my thoughts reflecting on Primrose and Rue.

They were too young and fragile to die.

            I lost my sister, and Rue to president snow’s destructions- and the pain… oh the pain, it’s excruciating. I’m relaxed now because of the warm breeze and the smell of burning, I’m used to the smell in the air from how long I’ve been in the hunger games arena. Primose is gone… my one and only promise, shattered into tiny shards of glass.

            I look over to Peeta, he doesn’t seem to be looking at anything in particular, but his hand is grasped onto something securely, as if he was almost hiding something.

Everything… just seemed so peaceful for a moment. But i know now that after President Snow is gone… that it won’t be the end. At least not yet.

            After getting used to the whole fighting for survival, I’ll miss fighting for the ones I love. Gale steadily releases himself from me, standing aside me with Peeta. Effie turned towards us, holding a cheap scruffy card with perfect writing.

            ‘I suppose speeches won’t happen as much anymore,’ Effie laughs shakily, chin trembling with sadness, looking up at everyone and then quickly gazing back down the card.

            Haymitch chuckles slightly, dangling an old decorative metal bottle, secured with a cork.  ‘At least the alcohol’s back, I can drown my sorrows with the thing I love most.’ He clutches on to the cork, pulling it off effortlessly.

For some reason, I smile at that comment, Haymitch slightly back to his old self. Annoying yet wise.

            Effie coughs for attention, pretending to tap an invisible microphone to see if it was working. Haymitch raises both eyebrows and takes a gulp from his whiskey, rinsing his mouth with it and finally taking it in.

            ‘For the final finale of the hunger games, I congratulate our district twelve’s star crossed lovers, Peeta and Katniss Everdeen,’ she continues, looking up at Gale who is looking down in jealousy, pulling in a deep breath and exhaling nervously. ‘And Gale and the rest of our helpers- the hunger games seasons are now over for good.’ She immediately stops, gazing off into the distance at the burning fields and old earthly green trees that are now gone… slowly crumbling away into nothing but burnt particles.

            ‘Lives were lost in order to save Panem, or districts. President Snow died the most painful way any of us have invented, and for some reason- I feel guilty. Prim, Rue, the other district partners, Finnick, everyone that gave their lives to save two people in particular… Peeta and Katniss.’ She blinks back tears, wiping her eyes.

            Her mascara is all smudge, but she doesn’t seem to be paranoid about that. I walk over to Peeta, who doesn’t look at me, but I entwine my hand in his, nodding at him to make him feel alright. His hand is broad and muscular, and much bigger than mine. His jaw is tensed, but his free hand still clutched in his pocket. His blue jewel coloured eyes were glistening with thick tears as he tried forcing them back.

He starts sniffling as I caress his cheek affectionately, leaning against his shoulder.

            ‘Katniss, can I tell you something after this?’ he stammers, cheeks flushed with heat and guilt. ‘I mean, ask?’

I blush heavily, not saying anything but smiling. I ignore Effie’s speech, but I know that’s wrong of me. I’m not really interested in sins and forgiveness, as I have seen death happen right before me in the most deadly ways. Rue shot in cold blood with an arrow, straight at her heart in a clean shot. Live on the hunger games television. My own sister burnt in flames along with my mother and her cat. Finnick sacrificed himself to save Annie again, but in result of his sacrifice, Annie killed herself. I shake my head in defeat, scattering up from my feet, leaving my bow and arrow there- tempted to take it even though I know that there isn’t any point. Effie looks up at me in confusion, eyes squinted and her small pale lips pursed together as she gazes up at me.

            ‘I just need some fresh air,’ I reassure her, smiling faintly. That sounded incredibly stupid, as we are outside out into the open, reflecting on these past three years of rioting, rebelling. And the sacrifices we had to make, or let them volunteer.

Peeta gets up at the same time with me, as if he doesn’t want to let my hand go- he follows after me. 

Gale stays behind, muttering to himself in defeat- and I feel terrible.

After wondering down the forest, we find a perfect meadow. It’s similar to the field I gave a memorial service to rue back in my first hunger games. Only difference is, the roses and tulips were painted white- a symbol of President Snow’s threat, I step back a little anxiously, but Peeta holds me carefully.

            ‘He’s gone Katniss, its okay.’ Peeta smiles weakly, his eyes glistening with hurt and tears, slowly and shakily pulling something out of his pocket. I notice a small blue velvet box, perfectly clean.

            ‘I… I stole this from President’s Snow’s jewellery stash after the building collapsed with flames,’ He explains, he looks so scared, like a lost child wandering for his mother for comfort. He kneels down on a bed of white roses, hiding the blue velvet box, slowly lifting it up into my eye sight- opening it up slowly, making my heart flutter in shock and defeat.

            ‘Oh Peeta…’ I exclaim, falling back onto the ground in embarrassment and affection. He opens the box up, revealing a silver plated ring with a ridiculous large diamond rock shimmering against the sunlight.

            ‘K…Katniss Everdeen, will you do the honours of marrying me? Officially?’ He asks suddenly.

And then, cannon goes off...nothing but a blury haze… I feel my life slowly crumbling away. Before I can say something to Peeta… I’m not myself anymore.  

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