The Boy With a Broken Smile

Kalliste is an 18 year old girl with a knack for liking guys who are very odd. Recently, she began liking this boy who has this sense of loneliness about him. Zekke is a strange boy indeed, with a bad past that Kalliste wants to know about, but will she be able to steal the boy's love?


2. Planning a Date

    Last night, he seemed to haunt my dreams. That loneliness seeped into my sleep and gave me the chillsso that when I woke, I thought I saw him standing in my room, looking over me as I slept. I had rubbed my eyes and he was no longer there. Nevertheless, it scared me for the next hour as I tried to wake up. 

     Suddenly, my phone started ringing and I jumped from the way the silence in my house was interrupted. I looked at my phone and it was not a number I recognized, but I answered it anyway, saying hello. 

    "Hello, Raven? It's uh, it's Zekke," he said over the phone, his voice betraying him and telling me of his embarrassment. To tell you the truth, I thought it was cute. I smiled to myself. I honestly thought he wouldn't call me.

     "Why hello Zekke, call me to set up our little date? For that top you owe me?" I asked, smirking into the phone. I almost could see the bright blush forming in that pale skin of his. 

     "If that's what you're going to call it, then sure. I would like to meet you at HotTopic," he said. I laughed for a second.

     "Oh, so you're going to take me to a sex like shop? What do you plan to do with me huh?" I asked him, still laughing.

     "N-that's not what I meant!" I laughed harder. He waited for me to stop, blushing probably from embarrassment. 

     "It's okay Zekke, I know what you meant. How did you know I love Hot Topic?" I asked after calming down a bit. He gave a small laugh.

     "You know, I don't really know. I just had this feeling and decided to go with it. So will you meet me there?" 

     "Yeah, I suppose I can walk there even though you should be picking me up," I heard him stutter more and laughed, "kidding Zekke, just joking around. When shall we meet?"

     "Let's say five pm? Will that work?" I gave a nod even though he couldn't see me.

     "Yeah, that'll work. It's a date Zekke," I said, hangng the phone up as I heard him stutter again. I laughed and laughed.

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