The Boy With a Broken Smile

Kalliste is an 18 year old girl with a knack for liking guys who are very odd. Recently, she began liking this boy who has this sense of loneliness about him. Zekke is a strange boy indeed, with a bad past that Kalliste wants to know about, but will she be able to steal the boy's love?


1. Meeting Him

     I was walking down the street with my favorite music blasting in my ears. Of course, it's only natural for me not to hear someone running toward be from behind. All I knew was I was knocked onto my face on the concrete. I swore to ease my pain, sitting up and rubbing my nose which was bleeding from the impact of my fall. Pinching the bridge of my nose, I turned to look at my assailant. I almost gasped at the sight of him.

     He was rubbing his forehead, his longish white hair caressing his face as he looked up at me. That was not what got me, he had these deep red eyes that looked lonely and sad as he looked at me. He had to have been wearing contacts but I wasn't so sure. They looked so real. My attention was drawn to his  soft mouth which was pulled into a sad, broken little smile. The boy stood, holding his hand out for me, but I was hesitant to grab it.

     The long black coat that he was wearing, blew about him with the wind, exposing his nice red shirt which was lazily buttoned up, revealing quite a bit of his chest. I had to stop myself from staring, I really needed to clean up the blood that was dripping onto my clothes from my nose. I used my free hand to unplug one of my ear buds to talk to the boy.

     "It's a fine day to get ran over by a boy," I remarked cockily. His smile tightened, seeing the blood coming out of my nose finally. His hand disappeared into a pocket in his coat. When, he brought his hand back out of his pocket, he had a small pack of Kleenex. 

     "I'm so sorry for that," he said, handing the tissues to me, his cheeks turning red from embarrassment. He then held his hand out for me again to take so I could get up. I took the tissues, using one to sop up the blood running down my face, then another to stop the bleeding as I kept pinching the bridge of my nose. What a fine sight I should be to this boy. I took his hand and stood gracefully.

     "May I ask the name of my assailant?" I asked curiously. I wanted to know who this boy was. He had an air of loneliness that I could feel radiating off of him. His smile was a bit stronger this time, but still quite broken.

     "My name is Zekke," he said, "May I ask yours?" He seemed to be staring at the blood on my clothes, at my chest, I realized. This brought a slight blush to my cheeks. I've always been a strong woman when it comes to men, but for some odd reason, I was blushing this time around. 

     "I'm Kalliste, and I think you owe me a new shirt, Zekke." I said, leaving no hint to him that I was joking. He laughed anyway, but somehow the laugh just didn't sound right at all. It sounded as if he hadn't laughed in ages and didn't know how to. This Zekke character interested me so much. I wanted to know about him and his past.

     "Well, I think I can do that Kalliste, a new shirt on me. Right now might not be a good idea to go find one though since it is late at night and all the stores are closed. We can meet someplace to get you a new shirt later in the week if you like," He responded and I had to nod. This guy was something huh? He was actually going to buy me a new shirt though I had not meant it.

    "Here, call me when you're available. I'm always available," I said, scribbling my name and phone number on a unused tissue and gave it to him. He took it and I left him there so I could go home to get changed an fix my nose.

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