2 Years Ago

Caroline used to be Luke's best friend, but when they come back from tour, will Luke be changed by her or will he ignore her?


1. The Party

Hey guys, this is my first story, so it will probably suck, but I'm trying!🍆

Caroline's POV

I'm Caroline, I'm 18 years old. I have wavy brown hair and hazel eyes.

Believe it or not, me and Luke used to be best friends! Once he became more popular, he started to ignore me. We didn't really talk until the goodbye party, we held it for his band When they were about to leave to go on tour.

The guys are all really cool, but I don't miss anyone as much as Luke. Before the party ended he asked me to come with him. He led me outside and sat me down. We talked for a bit, and then out of nowhere, he kissed me. After, he ran off and I didn't see him for the rest of the night and not to mention 2 years.

I just woke up, it's about noon and the welcome back party for the boys is in an hour. I jump right out of bed and go to my closet. I pull out a pink crop top, some black skinny jeans, and my Vans. I quickly run to my bathroom to put on some makeup. Thank God I look decent! I straighten my hair and put in some earrings.

I now have about 15 minutes before the party starts so, I run outside and jump in my car.

When I finally get to the Luke's mom's house. It's crouded. I walk right up to Jess, my best friend. She looks perfect as usual. Her long blond hair is curled and has a ton of makeup on.

"Hey Caroline, I'm so glad you came! I thought you wouldn't have come because of what happened before." She said. All of a sudden I hear a bunch of people scream. "they're here!" I squeal.

I see Luke, his perfect blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, and his lip ring. Our eyes lock for half a second and then he turns away. My heart feels like it just shattered. Calum walks up to me and we talk for a bit, which perked me up a bit, but not enough.

I approach Luke and see him talking with Kate! I absolutely hate her! We used to be best friends and she knew I liked him. Luke asked her out and they dated for a year! We became enemies immediately!

I say, " Hey, Luke!" He looks at me and says hey back, but starts talking with Kate again! Kate kisses Luke on the cheek and I ran outside. When I got outside tears started streaming down my face.

She kissed him! I feel someone sit next to me. I look and see Michael. " Are you alright?" He says. " Does it look like it?" I say. "Not really, what's wrong?" He says. "It's nothing you need to worry about!" I snap. "I think I do need to though, my best friend is crying at a party." I smile at the though of him calling me his best friend. " Is it Luke?" He asks. I nod. "What did he do?" I explain everything to him. "Want me to beat him up?" He asks. I giggle "no" I say. " Let's go back inside." He says. We both start back towards the house.


Hey! Sorry this is such a stupid chapter, I'll make them better! Xo Claire

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