Basketball Handling: Drills and Tips for Beginners

Great for beginners looking to improve their handles. Consists of various drills and tips you can practice at home, or on the court!


4. Getting Past The Defender

So, rather you are being heavily guarded and can't make the pass, or are just trying to drive right past the defense, there are many different things you could do.

-Shot Fake: To do this, act as if you are taking a shot. Make sure to use head and body movement to make it more believable. This will allow you to make a good pass or drive past the defender. NOTE* DO NOT JUMP WHEN DOING THIS

-Crossover/Primary Ankle Breaker: So, crossovers are quite easy. All you have to do is pretend you are driving one way but quickly pull back and shift your body weight to the other side and drive the ball. When you pull back depending on if it was a good crossover or not the defender may fall or "break his ankles." This is one of my personal favorite moves.

-Spin Move: To do this, start to roll around your defender but then reverse your direction and roll of him the other way. This allows you to easily get past the defender and has worked for me various times.

-Hesitation: This is the most simple, yet most effective move. To do this simply dribble casually to the defender, like you're not in any hurry to drive the ball or anything. Then, this relaxes your defender allowing you to burst right past him and drive the ball. You'll find it easy to get past the defender because he will hesitate when you burst giving you the advantage.

-Laying Low: This move requires  more "experienced" handlers so to speak. So to do this, start by casually walking up to your defender, once you are about halfway between half court and the 3 point line, dribble as low as you can. Once your defender reaches for the ball, burst around him and drive the ball. You will be able to get right past him because of how low he has to reach, and if you get lucky enough then he may just fall down.

-Be Fancy: This is by far, the most fun way to get past the defender. There isn't too much too it. You can do whatever you want, as long as you are quick with the ball; behind the back, between the legs, crazy combos, etc.


















































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