Basketball Handling: Drills and Tips for Beginners

Great for beginners looking to improve their handles. Consists of various drills and tips you can practice at home, or on the court!


3. Drills for Weak and Strong Hands

Easy Drills~

-Pounding: To do this drill all you do is pound the ball against the ground as hard as you can still not letting it come above the waist. 

-Ball Wraps: All you do is take the ball around the waist as swiftly as you can. I recommend doing this for about 30 consecutive seconds.

Ball Taps: To do this drill simply switch the ball between your two hands swiftly with your fingertips. 

Intermediate Drills~

The 2 Ball Pound: Simply take two balls and pound them. Nothing complicated to it but you may experience some difficulties at first.

One Hand Crossovers: Simply use one hand and pound the ball back and fourth just like you would on a crossover. Be sure to switch off hands after awhile.

Between The Legs: Switch the ball from side to side while switching your legs front to back.

Experienced Drills~

Reverse Between the Legs: To do this simply do what you would in between the legs but from behind

The Spider: This is a rather very, very hard drill. Comment down below if you would like me to explain

These are just a few of the drills I practice daily. Enjoy!!!

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