Unwavioring Love

Logan and Max struggle with the virus but soon they find a cure for the bitch of a virus.


1. Chapter 1

I do not own Dark Angel nor the characters. If I did, then Max and Joshua would have found father. Max and Logan would be together, married, with a kid.

Set after Freak Nation; 3 weeks later.


Max was sitting on the Space Needle looking out into the broken world. It’s been a rough 3 weeks and she had a million things on her mind, like how to keep everyone safe and what she was going to do about her situation with Logan.

“Wondering what Logan is doing and I hope he’s alright. After all, he did risk his life for us. Sometimes I wonder if he really wants me in his corner. I mean, he keeps risking his own life to save mine yet then again I risked my own life to save his a few times. Every night I pull out the poem Logan wrote for me and I think how lucky I am to have someone like Logan in my life. Even though life stinks right now, somehow we’re going to make it work.”

She has flashbacks to before the dang bitch of a virus took her and Logan captive of never touching each other again.

When they first met, when she rescued him from getting pushed over the hotel building, him and her at his cousins wedding, having dinner at his place, their first kiss, etc.

Sighing, Max climbs down from the Space Needle and heads into Terminal City. Jumping over the fence 11 feet in the air, Max rides her Ninja (motorcycle) into the building.

Upon arriving in Terminal City, Max spots Joshua, Alec, and Mole. Joshua looks at her while Alec and Mole were bickering over playing a game of cards.

“Hey little fella.”  Joshua said as he hugged Max

“Hey big fella. How’s it going?” Max said as she hugged him back

“Trying to make it through. How are you and Logan?” Joshua said as he pulled away and looked at her

Max sighed

“Honestly, I don’t know. This bitch of a virus is hard. I mean, I cannot keep going through this. I am scared I am going to accidently touch him and he will end up dead. “

“It’ll be alright little fella. Virus bitch going down. I’m sure Logan will come up with something.”

Just then, Logan appears on the computer screen and then he calls for Joshua to come over to the monitor. Joshua walks up to the Media Center.


“Hey Logan. How’s it going?”

“Hanging in there. Are the ladies here?”

“Yeah. Max is. Hold on.” Joshua said and called out to her “Max, Logan is on the monitor.”

Max was talking to Mole and Alec when she heard her name being called out. She looked up to hear it as Joshua telling her Logan was on video chat. Max walked up and sat down by the computer.

“Hey you”

“Hi. Can you stop by?”

“Joshua’s place?”

“Yeah. Now would be great.”

“I’m on my way.”

They both looked at each other through the video chat. This would be the part where they would say I love you to each other but considering the situation, they both gave a slight nod and then the screen went blank.

Max sighed but wondered what Logan was up to. He seemed.. a bit uplifted. As Max started to walk out of the building, Mole mumbled something about needing more cigars. She told him she’ll get him some after visiting with Logan.

She hops on her Ninja and jumped over the fence. Riding in the daylight gave Max some time to think about things. She and the transgenics need to come up with a plan so they would be safe and so that Ames White wouldn’t kill them. After what went down at Jam Pony 3 weeks ago, the transgenics had won the battle against White.  If it wasn’t for Logan being there, who knows what the outcome would have been.

The normal people were calling the transgenics as freaks or monsters. What does normal mean anyway. The transgenics were trying to show people that they weren’t freaks or monsters, but they were that’s say special super humans who had special abilities unlike normal people. They were soldiers who were trained to keep moving in enemy territory. The truth is they were done being the secret government’s lab rats and they were done moving from city to city.

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