One Direction Rocks

Every day I wonder if One DIrection has ever looked at my instagram account. I hope they have because I really want a follow. Niall once commented back to me on one of his pictures. I also was in the front row of one of his concerts and he looked me right in the eye.


4. Songs

One Direction has so many songs it is unbeleavable. All of their albums are a hit and all of their songs are very much enjoyed. My friend knows so much about 1D that it is unbeleavable. Everyone says that we are obsessed. I just call it interested in somebodies life and wanting to know their every move. Is it that creepy to want to know everything about them. I don't think so. I just think that the directioners ar einvesting time into their future. I of course will marry Niall so I have to know my facts and I have to know what he likes. It is investing in someones future. It isn't creepy to me. I just love them so much I can't even express it. I have been to lots of their concerts and absolutly ove them. I have lots of 1D decorations and poster and shirts and I have a shrine and I keep all of my tickets from their shows and I know almost everything their is to know about them. I can't even explain how important they are to me.

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