One Direction Rocks

Every day I wonder if One DIrection has ever looked at my instagram account. I hope they have because I really want a follow. Niall once commented back to me on one of his pictures. I also was in the front row of one of his concerts and he looked me right in the eye.


3. Our Power

One Diection is the most popular band in the world. Every girl is obsessed with them. Well all of the smart girls are at least. The directioners hold so much power in a single pinky finger. We hold the power and we kind of control 1D. We hold the power of how they act. They are our role moddels. They are our inspiration. We know how to make them happy, and they know how to make us happy. Most of their songs have hit the top charts which the directioners have loved. Most of the direcitoners have every single one of their songs. Most directioners know everything their possibly is to know about them. We even know some things about them that they don't even know.

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