One Direction Rocks

Every day I wonder if One DIrection has ever looked at my instagram account. I hope they have because I really want a follow. Niall once commented back to me on one of his pictures. I also was in the front row of one of his concerts and he looked me right in the eye.


2. Directioners Take Over

As most of you know, a 1D album cover is now on a bill board in LA. It was us... the directioners who kept calling the bill board company and emailing them until they finally agreed to put their album cover onto one of their bill boards for 1D and the directioners to see. It was the power of the directioners. The girls of America did it. They were able to have a company put their latest album cover on a bill board. It was girls who made it happen. Not the men. The woman of America. We did it. Together we were able to create a strong force that was not stopable. It was us who made it happen. It was us who had the power to have a company do something for us, the directioners. The directioners ate running America. We can rule the world and we can make things like this happen.

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