Apollo's Little Girl

Emily Uvern is a daughter of Apollo. She has almost all of his gifts, while everyone else only gets few or a couple. She meets Percy Jackson at Yancy Academy and is sure that he's a Demigod. If only things were that simple.


1. Knowing Percy


When Percy Jackson and I first met, I knew he was a Demigod. I found out that I was a Half-Blood a year before.

My name is Emily Uvern. I’m a Daughter of Apollo. I can heal, read prophecies, take down people with the bow, and I’m SUPER creative. I hate to admit it, but I’m a lot better at making Haikus than my dad (No offense).


Percy and I met at Yancy Academy. I was in every class with him, so we were able to have a lot of conversations. Of course, they were normally about what the teacher said, or what page we were on, and stuff like that, but I considered us friends. I’m sure he did too. Grover and I pretended like we didn’t know each other, but we’d have interesting conversations too.


The day the Chiron came to the school, I knew that Percy was seriously special. Chiron never came to schools unless a Half-Blood was Big Three Material.


Chiron started teaching Latin, which I excelled at. I knew all the gods, how to spell their names, and what they were the gods (or goddesses) of.


Once, Chiron asked us to write a Haiku about the gods. I aced. Percy….Well, not so much. Grover did okay.


When we went on that awesome field trip with the sub named Mrs. Dodds, I got a nervous feeling. I had my Bow-Phone,(my bow disguised as a iPhone and my quiver disguised as earbuds, and all I had to do was click the top button and boom! I was the bowmaster, ready to shoot!) with me. Plus, I had Chiron and Grover with me.


There was no reason to be nervous, but something still made me uneasy.


I walked off the bus and put an “earbud” in one ear. Percy and Grover were behind me and Grover whispered “Let’s go hang with Emily.” Percy muttered “Okay.” and they caught up with me.


One look at Grover and I knew something was up. Mrs. Dodds was a monster.


Of course, I couldn’t just blurt it out with Percy not knowing what he was, so I kept quiet.


“What’s up guys?” I asked. Grover whimpered.


“Such a beautiful day out.” He muttered. I nodded.


“Nice.” I said. After an awkward silence, Percy said “What’s new with you?” I shrugged.


“Nothing much. I just can’t wait until the summer.” I said.


“Why?” Percy asked.


“Well, I got to this summer camp every year, and it’s amazing.” I replied simply.


Before Percy could reply, we came to the exhibit.


Chiron asked Percy questions, about how the gods became rulers of the world and Percy answered, by talking about how Kronos ate his kids, how Zeus’s mom hid him and Zeus grew up and fed Kronos wine and mustard seed and Kronos barfed the rest of the Olympians, how they grew inside Kronos, and how the gods won the war.  Chiron busted that Nancy person (I never got her last name, but I don’t like her.), and we went outside for lunch.


I was eating a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich, when suddenly the water fountain’s water materialized into a fist and grabbed Nancy.


She fell in the water and shouted “Percy pushed me!”


I looked over at Chiron to see if he saw that, but Chiron was reading a Greek Novel and wasn’t paying attention. Mrs. Dodds led Percy into the museum. Grover and I glanced nervously at each other. We walked up to Chiron.


“Mr. B.” I whispered. Chiron looked up from the novel. His expression was filled with worry.


“Holy Zeus child!” He whispered, “What is troubling you, you’ve been pale all day.”


“Percy and Mrs. Dodds when into the museum by themselves. I think she’s a monster.” I whispered. Chiron understood.


“Miss Uven, Mr. Underwood, will you please help me find Percy? He needs to return my pen.” Chiron stated. We nodded and left.


I had no idea what ‘pen’ Chiron was talking about, but whatever. We walked into the museum and found Mrs. Dodds. Except she wasn’t Mrs. Dodds. She was a Kindly One.


I went to get into battle mode but Chiron stopped me. He pulled out a pen.


“What ho Percy!” He yelled opened the pen cap and tossed it to Percy. Percy caught it and a sword was in his hands.


Percy did the logical thing. He swung the sword. Mrs. Dodds was no longer Mrs. Dodds. Before Percy could look to see us, we had disappeared.


After Percy had given Chiron the pen back, we all tried to act normal. Grover didn’t do a very good job.


He hesitated every time Percy asked about Mrs. Dodds. That gave it away.


I knew Percy was eavesdropping on them while they were discussing things because, well, I was too. Percy didn’t see me though.


Then, Percy wasn’t invited to come back next year (Neither was I, because I failed math. I can’t help it that I have dyslexia, and IT WAS ONE SUBJECT!!! People are so harsh.), and Chiron tried to be nice about it, but Percy got upset.


On the bus ride home, Grover was acting REALLY weird after we made an unplanned stop. He kept muttering about how the Big Three kids never got past 6th grade.


I got off the bus a stop before them, and I walked home to my apartment.


I was greeted by my Mom, my stepdad, and my uncle. They went on and on about how they were so proud of me and how it didn’t matter that I failed ONE subject and got kicked out.


My family knew about the whole “Half-Blood” thing. They were okay with it.

I spent about an hour over at home before my mom said, “Let’s get you packed up.”


We walked up to my room where she helped me pack up for camp. Afterward, I said my goodbyes and we got into the car and drove to camp.


My mom didn’t want to get rid of me. I had a strong aura (Not as strong as the Big Three, but pretty close, since I had a lot of abilities.), and she only wanted the best for me.


When I got to camp, I waved goodbye and walked through the borders.


When I got there, I was greeted by my half brothers and sisters. Annabeth greeted me too.


Chiron was his normal self and he also greeted me.


I went to my cabin and I unpacked my stuff. I went over to the archery range and shot a couple arrow, not that I needed the practice. Then, Annabeth and I went to the Arena and practiced sword fighting. She used her dagger, I used my long Celestial Bronze knife.


Annabeth won one round, I won the other.


We ate dinner, then we went to the campfire, but I heard something roar. Everyone stopped. It roared again. It was terrifying.


It was coming from the borders.


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