5 Seconds of Life

(Sequel to 5 Seconds of Romance) Have you ever loved someone so much that you had to let them go? I have. Not only was I dating Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer, but I'm carrying his baby too. My parents had always done their best to keep me away from the pain of the real world. Only now I realize that their intentions were wrong, you can't hide from the real world forever, life can come down and get you at any moment, and boy did it get me.


2. Chapter 1

I looked at the tiny bump starting to form, and it made me want to scream.  None of my sweatshirts could hide it anymore, so I had to call Bailee to bring me one of Ryan's sweatshirts.  I was about four months and it looked like there was a little melon in my stomach.  Before it looked like I was just fat, I didn't mind people thinking I was fat as long as they didn't figure out I was pregnant. 

Just then there was a knock at my door.  I opened it and saw it was Bailee.

"Did you bring it?"  I asked, shutting the door quickly.

"Yeah."  she said, pulling the sweatshirt out of her bag.

"You're a lifesaver."  I said, taking it from her.

"I still think you should tell your parents."  said Bailee.

"Are you kidding?  My parents would burn me alive.  Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I know they would kick me out for sure."  I said, putting the sweatshirt on.

"So call Luke."  said Bailee.  

She had been trying to get me to talk to Luke ever since I told her about the pregnancy.

"You know I can't do that."  I said.

"I still can't believe that he left you to deal with this all on your own.  God, if Michael ever did that to me, I would kick his ass."  

"Well, that would be your choice, but if Luke doesn't want to be involved then that is his choice."  I said.

The truth was, Luke had no idea that I was pregnant.  I thought him not knowing would be the best thing.  I didn't want to have a baby with a guy who was gone for months at a time and I couldn't make him choose between his band and me.  What kind of person would I be if I did that?  At least this way no one gets hurt but me, which is the way it should be since I did this to myself.

"Lexi, are you listening?"  asked Bailee, interrupting my thoughts.

"Sorry, what were you saying?"  I asked.

"I said, you can't just do this all on your own, you need to talk to someone.  You also need to go get looked at because you haven't even been to a doctor."  said Bailee.

"I can't, they could tell my parents."  I said.

"Not if you ask them not to.  Also why don't you talk to my mom.  She'd understand what you're going through since she went through it herself."  said Bailee.

It's true, when Bailee's mom was my age she got pregnant with Bailee's oldest brother Hunter.  After she found out that she was going to have him, she got married to his father, then had Chance and Caleb, Bailee's older twin brothers, she was about six months pregnant with them when she divorced their father, who cheated on her.  After that she met Bailee's dad, and then the rest is history.

"What if she tells my mom?"  I asked.

"Don't worry, she would never.  Just think about it."  said Bailee.

"Okay I will, we should go before we're late."  I said.

"Alright, let's go."  said Bailee.

We walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen and saw my mother, sister, and brothers all sitting at the table.

"Morning, honey."  said my mom when we came in.

"Morning.  Where's Dad?"  I asked, picking up my backpack from the counter.

"He's at the church writing the sermon for this Sunday."  

My dad was a reverend and my entire family is dedicated to our faith.  That's why I'm afraid to tell them because I know they will be disgusted by the idea that their daughter had sex before marriage and is pregnant.  I didn't even tell them I was going on birth control.  I had to talk to Bailee's mom about that.

"Mom, I'm not sure if I'll be able to go to church this Sunday."  I said.

"Now Alexa, you know it's important to go and pray on Sunday."  she said, giving me a stern look.

"Why can't I pray somewhere else?  I thought that God was everywhere?"

"He is, but church is a place where you can be even closer to him.  You're going and that's final."  she said.

"Okay.  Come on Bailee, we're gonna be late."  I said.

"You three better go too, or you'll miss the bus."  I heard my mom say as we walked out of the house.

"See, that's why I can't tell them."  I said as I got in to the passenger seat of Bailee's car,

"I know, but you should still talk to my mom."

"I think maybe I will."  I said as we left the driveway.

"Are you serious?"  asked Bailee, shocked that I actually agreed.

"Yeah.  I can't do it after school though."  I said, as we drove.

"Why not?"

"I have to help out at the restaurant."  I said.  

My parents both run the restaurant, but it is under my mom's name.  It was given to her after my grandma died.  Everybody in town loved eating there.

"Why don't you come by afterwards?"  asked Bailee.

"Maybe."  I said.

We pulled into the parking lot of the school and went in.  As we were walking in, Bailee said she had an assignment she needed help on, so she went to do that while I went to my locker.  I opened up my locker and started pulling books out.

"Hey, Lexi."  I heard a voice from behind me.

I turned and saw that it was Sean.

"Oh, hey."  I said.  

These last couple months, Sean has been hanging around me.  I think he wants to get back together, but I wasn't completely over Luke yet.

"I was wondering if I could walk you to class."  he said.

"Sure, that's fine."  I said and started walking to first period.

"I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out tonight?"  Sean asked, as we walked.

"I can't.  I have to work at the restaurant, then I'm going over to Bailee's house."  I said, stopping next to the door of my first period class.

"Why are you going over there?"  asked Sean, curiously.

"Just to do some homework.  I'll see you later."  I said and walked into class.


The rest of the day seemed to just fly by and after school was over, Bailee dropped me off at the restaurant.

"Remember to come over tonight."  she said as I started getting out.

"Okay, I promise I won't forget."  I said, getting out and heading inside.

When I got in I saw my mom at the front counter talking to my third grade teacher, Mrs. Thomas.  In this town everyone knew everyone.

"Hey, Mom."  I said walking up to her.

"Hi Honey, how was your day?"

"It was fine.  How are you Mrs. Thomas?"  I asked politely.

"I'm very good, Alexa.  Your mother has been telling me that you are getting all A's."

"Yeah, I am."  I said.

"Have you picked out a college, yet?"  asked Mrs. Thomas.

"I'm not sure if I want to go to college."  I said, looking down at my hands.

"Of course you want to go to college.  You want a bright future don't you?"  asked my mom.

"Yeah, I guess."  I said.

"Well, I better go.  It was nice talking to you two."  said Mrs. Thomas leaving.

As soon as she was gone my mom turned back to me.

"What is all this nonsense about not going to college?"  she asked.

"I don't know, maybe I'm just not cut out for college."  I said, avoiding eye contact.

"What do you mean you're not cut out for college?  You can't tell me you want to stay here forever?"

"What's so bad about that?"  I asked.

"It would be a waste of talent.  Don't ruin everything you have worked so hard to achieve."

It was way too late for that.

"I better get to work."  I said.

"Yes, that would be good."

1 Hour Later

"Mom, I'm going to go over to Bailee's."  I said taking my apron off, getting ready to leave.

"Honey, could you clear table three off before you go?"  asked my mom.

"Sure."  I said.

I walked over to the table to pick up the plates, but then I caught a whiff of the leftover meat on the plate.  I turned and ran to the bathroom and I made it just in time.

"Honey, are you okay?"  asked my mother when I had gotten it all out of my system.

"Yeah, it was just the smell of that meat."  I said.

And that's when it all clicked into place for my mom.

"Alexa, are you pregnant?"




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