Dear Diary

Cover made by Lavern2002


2. Sunday 21st December 2014

Lily's P.O.V

Sitting around the oak table my sister blew out her candles declaring that she was now 15. Oh well. She can celebrate on her own, I run upstairs and hide in my covers tearing up remembering past events of Lee and my parents death. Sarah doesn't know that they are dead...

His texts sprung through to my phone like rapid fire startling me. Jumping out of bed and picking up my phone I rang him.

(L-Lily, Ll- Lee)

L: What do you want?

Ll: I just wanted to apologize to you. I was a douche an..

L: I know, no need to apologize. I already know your a complete utter arsehole who can rot in hell, actually I hope you don't go to hell because I don't want to put up with you there as well.

Ll: Fine, Bye. If that's what you really want.

L:It is now BYE!

Slamming my phone down tears rimmed my glassy eyes again. I can do better. All I want to do is be happy *you was*  That's what I need right now. My bloody heart speaking its piece. He only ever used me. Not that I had ever given him anything.

I spent the rest of that time hanging in the skate park with 12 other boys just chilling. Yes I know what your thinking, chilling. Yes they were teaching me how to ride a scooter, to be honest. Its just less drama. Lee can't handle that, he can't handle me. I'm to wild, to good for that. Heading home my phone came alive in my hands.

Sarah: Thanks for leaving! On my birthday! You know not everything is always about you.

My feet started running home knowing Sarah would be in her room I sat in the kitchen with a bowl of crunchy nut thinking. Always about me. How! So doing the only thing I knew best I put Slipknot Psychosocial on full blast, retrieved my tub of Ben and Jerry's and got to business on finishing the family sized tub to myself.


Lee's P.O.V

Finding Lily's house I slowly entered. I headed towards the sound of music and sobbing. I walked up behind her and cupped her waist. She smelt of alcohol. She'd been drinking. I picked her up and placed her in her bed. Getting her changed I avoided looking at her as much as I could but it was hard to resist her angelic figure. Placing the quilt over her I jumped onto the sofa and awaited morning.











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