Dear Diary

Cover made by Lavern2002


1. Saturday 20th December 2014

Oh won't you stay with me. 

Cause your all need

This ain't love its clear to see

but darling stay with me


The bitter words filling my mind as I knew he would never love me. But as the song played it filled my heart with hope. He stole quick glances at me from across the room and with a grin dancing on his lips, he drew in the girl in front of him and embraced her in his own private dance. Tears pricked at my eyes and I ran. Ran outside, down the street, all the way home... This was supposed to be a fun party but had turned into a plan for revenge and he won. I give up. Tomorrow was my sisters birthday and I had planned it for me. She's not even happy. I will make it up to her. Screw it. Sitting on my bed I decide to jump up grab my bag and leave. Running downtown I eventually bump into Lee. Again. He must have left the party.


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