Dear Diary

Cover made by Lavern2002


3. Monday 22nd December 2014

Sarah's P.O.V

Knowing Lily would regret her decision this morning I decided to head downstairs to make breakfast. Just wearing my dressing gown I flounced through the living room into the kitchen. Pancakes! and Bacon! Lily loves these. "AHHHhhhhHHHHhhhh" There is someone on the sofa! Lily comes tearing downstairs and looks like shit. "Lee" she mumbles under her breath tugging on her knotted brown hair.


Lily's P.O.V

"Lee" I mumble tugging on my knotted brown hair. I said I never wanted to see him again. He had hurt me to many times and I have regretted seeing him time and time again. I have a week before school and I still have a shit tonne of work to do. I ignore my surroundings and charge upstairs with a handful of bacon.

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