Perfect Match

Emmy moves into the house right next to 5 Seconds Of Summer's guitarist Michael Clifford!


9. Chapter 9: The New Girl

Emmy's POV:

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* Crap! I forgot I gotta go back to school today! I wonder if Eve is gonna beat the shit outta me for stealing her boyfriend. Any ways I hop in the shower, and wake up fully. When I get out, I Blow-Dry it, straighten it, and then curl it. I didn't feel like going all out on make up so I just put mascara on and some tan eyeshadow. I get on my uniform,grab my bag and head downstairs.

"Good morning!" My mom said In a cheerful voice

"Mornin mom" I say with a smile, heading for the door.

"You gonna eat breakfast?" She asks.

"You know what? I have about half an hour before the bus arrives, I think I'm in the mood for pancakes!" I say happily.

"Then pancakes it is!!" Mom says and makes pancakes. After I finished eating, I kiss her goodbye and head for the bus stop. That's unusual! A new girl was standing at the bus stop alone. I walk up and start talking to her.

"Hey, my names Emily Robinson, but you can call me Emmy!!" I say with a smile, while extending a hand to shake hers. She shakes back.

"I'm Savanna Massie!! It's nice to meet you!" She say in a strong British Accent. Woah! Too strong!

"Are you from England?"

"Yes, but my dad and his Fiancé got married and moved here!" She says

"OMG really? That's the reason why I moved here!!" I say excitedly, I can tell me and this girl are gonna be the best of friends!! We talked for what feels like ages, then Ash pulls up in his Red Mustang Convertable with Mikey in the front seat!

"Need a ride?" Mikey asks

"Yeah thanks, um is it okay if Savanna rides with us?" I ask gesturing to Savanna

"Yeah sure no problem!" Ash says

I reach for the handle but then Mikey locks the doors.

"First, you have to give me a kiss!!" Mikey says.

"Ugh, fine!!" I say sarcastically and kiss him softly. He finally unlocks the doors and me and Savanna hop in and Ash pulls off.

"Thank you Ashton for letting me ride with you guys. I really didn't want to ride the bus." Savanna says to Ash.

"How do you know my name? and woah I love your accent!!" he says in his Aussie Accent

"I'm a fan of 5 Seconds Of Summer!" She says. We arrive at school and then the drama starts.

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