Perfect Match

Emmy moves into the house right next to 5 Seconds Of Summer's guitarist Michael Clifford!


8. Chapter 8: Shopping

Emmy's POV:

When we arrive at the mall, Ash dragged me straight into hot topic and started picking out shirts and dresses for me to try on. He found a Doctor Who Police Box dress for me to try on and I looked at him like he was crazy, but I tried it on anyways. I just stared at myself in the mirror and was amazed that it looks good on me. When I walked out Mikey and Ash couldn't quit staring at me. It went up to Mid-Thigh, was low cut, and skin tight.

"Well, someone looks sexy!! Here try this on!" Ash said as he handed me Lingerie, and I look at Michael who is talking on the phone.

"Umm, no! I'm 17, I don't need Lingerie!!" I yell

"Oh sorry. Well, try this on!"He said as he handed me an AC/DC shirt in a size small.

"Um, I'm not gonna be able to wear this." I say

"Why not?" Mikey asks as he hangs up his phone.

"Um, I'm not skinny enough for it."

"Take your shirt off!"Ash orders

"Umm..." I look at him with fear in my eyes

"You can trust me, I'm not gonna hurt you!"he says

I obey and take my shirt off.

"Your not fat Emmy!" Ash says poking my belly.

"Yes I am!! Look at this!!" I say pinching my stomach


Michael's POV:

I don't know why she think she's fat because she looks like she's a Size 5 and that's pretty small! I tell her to try on the shirt anyways. She does and when she comes out, it fits her perfect. Her eyes are huge with surprise. She smiles really big.

"See what did I tell you! It fits perfect!" I say.

She tries on a couple more shirts and went to go pay for them.

"I'll pay for them so you don't have to!" I say

"No it's okay I don't want you wasting your money on me!" She says

"But I'm famous, I have all the money in the world and no one to spend it on!" I say

"You have me!!!" Ash yells

"Ash, you know what I mean! Emmy, I need a special someone to spend it on. Will you be that special someone?" I ask


Emmy's POV:

"W...What?!?!" I asked surprised. He's basically asking me to be his girlfriend!!

"Um, Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked as he scratched the back of his head.

"Yes!!!!" I blurt out. He comes towards me and hugs me as right as he can.

"Ahhh... Mikey.. You're.. Hurting me!" I say trying to breathe

"Oh, sorry love." He apologizes

"Wait, you're still dating Eve!" I say upset

"No I'm not, I broke up with her while you were trying on clothes!" He say smiling.

"But, W..Why?" I ask.

"She's too clingy, and she's a bitch and I'm tired of her bullying my friends, especially you!!" He explains.

"Oh" Was all I could say. I can't believe he would break up with his girlfriend for me!!

"Anyways, let's go to other stores!" Ash says.

A few hours later, carrying shopping bags around the mall got kinda tiring so Ash wanted to surprise me and went to some kinda shop I'm not familiar with.

"So Emmy, how do you feel about getting a couple tattoos and piercings?" He asks. All I could do is grin!

"OMG Yes!! I want to get my lips pierced like your friend Luke and a couple of tattoos!" I say excitedly. I get my lip pierced, my right eyebrow, my tongue, and my belly button,and two tattoos. One tattoo is a dream catcher on the right side of my hip and a rose on my lower back right above my bottom. Ash was willing to pay for it.

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