Perfect Match

Emmy moves into the house right next to 5 Seconds Of Summer's guitarist Michael Clifford!


7. Chapter 7: Waking up beside Mikey

Emmy's POV:

I wake up next to a snoring Michael in the blanket fort that I have built for us. He's so cute when he's sleeping. I get up and turn the T.V off and lay back down to go to sleep. I check my phone it's 1:30 A.M and no new messages or missed calls.I lay down beside Michael and close my eyes. I feel something cling to my waist and I turn my head around to see Michael with his arms wrapped around my waist and I fall asleep in his arms.


I woke up screaming.

"Emmy, what's wrong?" He asks sleepily but concerned

"I...I had a dream about my dad." I say

"Was he a bad man? Did he, hurt you?"

"No he was a good man but my dad died last year."

"Oh I'm sorry love" he says sympathetically kissing my nose.

"It's okay!" I say with tears in my eyes

"No Em, it's not okay. You need to talk me about it and it might make you feel better!" He says.

"Ok, I was sleeping one night and I heard noises from down stairs, so I told my dad and went to check it out and then there were Two men and one of then had a gun and shot him Six times. Two in his chest and Four in his leg and it was all my fault that he died! Only if I didn't wake him up, he would still be alive right now!" I said with tears running down my face. Michael grabbed me by my waist and pulled me towards him and hugged me for a long time.He sniffles and I look up at him and see tears in his eyes. "Mikey, are you crying?" "Yeah a little, but its sad because you don't have your dad anymore."

I admit, it did make me feel better now that I have talked about it.

"You know what?" He says shooting up.

"What? What is it?" I ask

"Ash and I are gonna take you shopping!!" He says

"Shopping!?! I love shopping!!" I say excitedly

"Well, good!! Go get ready and I'll text Ash to come pick us up!" He says

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