Perfect Match

Emmy moves into the house right next to 5 Seconds Of Summer's guitarist Michael Clifford!


4. Chapter 4: A Day With The Boys

Emmy's POV:

I woke up and got a text from Michael 2 hours ago

M- Hey Em, I was wondering if you wanted to come with me and the boys to the ice skating rink around 12:00?

E-Hey sorry I was asleep and yes I would love to

M- See you in a minute

And before I knew it my doorbell rang. I opened the door to see Michael standing there with a Metallica Tshirt on, loose skinny jeans, black converses, and of course, his hair is sticking out every where. My Step-Dad trusts Mikey so I didn't have to ask him I just told him I was hanging with Mikey and he said okay. I went upstairs to straighten my hair and then curl it and put on my Fall Out Boy Shirt on, black leggings and my black vans and a beanie. When we got there, the boys were already on the ice and I had realized that Calum had rented it for the day so it's just us Five . I went to pay for the skate rentals but Luke did it for me. "You know you didn't have to pay right?I asked him. "Yeah, but I wanted to." He said while biting his lip ring. Ashton pulled me out onto the ice but I don't know how to skate. "I don't know how to skate!" I yell to Ash. "Don't worry I will help you if you fall. Just push your feet like you would riding a skateboard." I immediately obey and I got the hang of it. After we left the skating rink, Luke bought us all ice cream. "You're too sweet Luke!" I say causing Luke to blush a little. I get a text from Kayla which makes me soooooo happy!!!


E-What's wrong??

K-Emmy!!! Mom got me backstage passes for 5SOS!!!!!

E-OMG I'll get to see you!!!!!!!

K- I know and I'll get to meet Ashton Irwin!!!

"Who are you texting?" Ashton asks.

"My friend Kayla, she really likes you. Your her screensaver on her phone!" I say as he takes my phone and texts her

E-Ello Love!


E-Nope this is Ashton Irwin


E-Yes I took her phone from her and started texting you!!

K-I can't wait to meet you!!

E-can't wait to see you either!

"Hey Emmy, what does Kayla look like?" I show him a picture. "How old is she?" He asks curiously. "She's 19" I say with a smile.

E-You look beautiful

K-how do you know what I look like?

E-Emmy dear showed me a picture of you

K-Well, thanks but i am clearly not beautiful

E-Yes you are!!

K-Oh stahp your making me blush

E-Oh really?


E-Ill see you at the concert love! Here's Emmy

E-Ok seriously, I think Ash has a thing for you now!

K- I doubt it

E-Kayla!! Read the messages again!! He was clearly flirting with you and I was watching him blush a little


E-Yeah well I have to go love yew

K-Love you too bye Em

E-Bye Kayla

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