Perfect Match

Emmy moves into the house right next to 5 Seconds Of Summer's guitarist Michael Clifford!


2. Chapter 2: Meeting The Boys

Michaels POV:

"Dude, who was that?" I hear Ashton ask. "Uhh.. It was my new neighbor, Emmy." "Describe her for us" Calum says smiling. "Um okay, she has light blonde hair, light skin, likes Nirvana and Blink-182, baby blue eyes, short, glasses, skinny, and shy." "Sounds sexy!" Luke says as he walks into the room, which puts a small frown on my face. "She sounds like a girl version of Luke!" Ashton says. "Can we go over to her place and meet her?" Calum asks me. Ashton nods and looks up at me with his hazel puppy dog eyes and starts whimpering like a puppy. I roll my eyes. "Fine!! Let's go!"I yell. We walk to her house and knocked on the door. Mr. Martinez has been my neighbor ever since I was a little boy. He opens the door and smiles. "Well hello boys! Nice to see you Michael! Are you here to see Emily?" He asks. I nod as he lets me in the house and yells for her. She walked down the stairs in a Fallout Boy T shirt, a pair of baggy sweatpants on and black socks. Man!! I have to admit, this girl looks sexy! "Michael, what are you doing here?" She asks looking confused. "Well, my boys wanted to meet you!" I say.


Michael came to my house to introduce his friends to me."This is Ashton Irwin" he says pointing to the dude with brown curly hair, hazel eyes, and dimples."Luke Hemmings" he points to the blonde one with baby blue eyes,like me, and a black lip ring. "And Calum Hood." He points to the one who has black hair brown eyes and looks kinda Asian. "Hi Emmy!!!!" Ashton says hugging me tightly. I groan softly as he squeezes my stomach not letting go. "Dude! Your gonna kill her let go!!!" Calum yells. "Sorry love." He says apologetically. "It's okay, so what do you guys wanna do?" "ANYONE WANNA PLAY MARIO CART?" Michael screams waving Mario Cart 7 for the XBOX. We all nod and he puts it in. After we picked our characters, we started racing and Luke was pouting because he was losing. "Don't worry Luke, I suck at this also." I tell him. After the game the boys went home after they all gave me their numbers. After they left, I hopped in the shower and let the cold water hit my skin because it was hot in my room from all the yelling and sweating as we played Mario cart. When I got out, I Blow-Dried my hair and put it in a messy bun, put my batman pajamas on , hopped into bed, played on my phone for a bit and then flashbacks of my dad dying started to hit me and I tried to ignore them and drifted off to sleep trying not to cry.

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