Perfect Match

Emmy moves into the house right next to 5 Seconds Of Summer's guitarist Michael Clifford!


17. Chapter 15: The Big Date

Mikey's POV:

Shit!! I forgot we had band practice today!! I ran to Ashton's house as fast as I can. When i opened the door, Luke was smiling at me and I gave him a confused look.

"Soo, who was that girl I saw going into Emmys house?" He asked me.


"Because dude!! Did you not see her? She's fucking hot!!" Luke yelled and I rolled my eyes.

"It's Emmys Step-Sister." I said.

"That's awesome!!! We could have a double date!! Has she heard of us?" Luke asked.

"No. She's into Scream-O and stuff."

"Oh." He said.

Emmy's POV:

So I have a big date with Mikey and Odalis had agreed to help me with my make up and picking out something to wear. I hop in the shower and wash my hair then my body. When I get out I put a towel on and blow dry my hair. When I went to my room, I see that Odalis layed out a black laced dress, and black stilettos. I get dressed and Odalis is ready to do my makeup. I sit down and she is starting on my eye shadow and does the smokey eye effect. Then she uses liquid eyeliner to do the cat eyes. She puts on bright red lipstick then she's done. I'm lucky my face it naturally clear so I don't need foundation or concealer. I went to look in the mirror and she sat me back down and I gave her a confused look. She took out her hair chalk and I see she has purple green pink and orange in her hand and starts putting it in my hair. Mikey will definitely like this. I look in the mirror and I look AMAZING!!!! I thank her and then I hear a honking noise so I assume Mikey's here. I walk out to the car and Mikey's eyes are almost popping out of his head.

"You look beautiful!!" He said.

"Thank you!" I say then kissed his cheek.

"So where to M'lady?" He asked.

"How about..... Someplace nice like an Italian restaurant."

"Wish granted!" He smiled as he pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant.

"Here we are!" He said getting out of the car and coming to open my door for me.

"Thanks!" I said smiling. When we got in, we went to go find a seat. He orders spaghetti and I do the same. I've never really eaten in front of Mikey so this is kinda awkward.

"Are you okay baby?" He asks me when I start fiddling with my fingers.

"Oh it's nothing it's just that I'm kinda nervous." I said.

"It's okay. There's nothing to worry about." He says then we finish our food and leave. We're in the car for about 35 minutes so we start talking.

"What's your favorite food?" I ask him out of the blue.

"Everything!!" He exclaimed as he reached out for my hand and grabbed his.

"Soo since we have all night, what do you wanna do?" I ask him as he looked at me with a smirk.

"Besides sex Michael Gordon!!" I exclaimed punching his arm.

"Oww I was just kidding! We can go to the big bouncy house thing!!!!" He said excitedly.

"Then the bouncy house thing it is!!!" I said.

"Yayy!!!" Mikey exclaimed.

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