Perfect Match

Emmy moves into the house right next to 5 Seconds Of Summer's guitarist Michael Clifford!


13. Chapter 11: The Hospital

Mikey's POV:

Ohhh I am so fucking pissed right now! Why would that bitch do that to her, I mean she has done nothing to make her mad! Ughh i just wanna show her what it's like to be bullied!! I pick Emmy up bridal style and carry her to the nurse not giving a fuck about the blood staining my shirt.

"Mikey?" I hear her say

"Yes darling?"

"I'm so sleepy and I hurt a lot." She says softly

"No baby, you need to stay awake" I say

"I... I can't.." And then she closes her eyes and drifted off to sleep. I am now running to the nurses office, and when I arrive there, she takes one look at Emmy and immediately calls the ambulance. I told her that Evelyn Router did this to her. When the ambulance arrives, they start to check her breathing, and heart rate and stuff. When she arrives to the hospital, they take her to the ER to check to see if she has any internal problems from when my crazy Ex girlfriend kicked her in the side and stomach. So I wait in the lobby and call Ash.

M-hey ash?" I say worried

A-Michael?! What's wrong?!

M-Emmys in the hospital an....." He cuts me off

A-WHATT???!??!" He screams

M-She's in the hospital right now, you need to come!

A-on my way!!" And then he hung up.

A doctor walks into the room and I quickly a stood up!

"Is Emmy okay?" I ask concerned!!

Hey guys sorry for the short chapter I have been wrapped up on stupid homework and book reports that's due Friday and was assigned months ago! I guess I'm a procrastinator, haha. Anyways, I hope you guys have liked my book so far so favorite and like!! Luv u guys 😘

By the way, I forgot to put this in the last authors note, you can add me on snapchat if you wanna.

Snapchat- jordan10295


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