Perfect Match

Emmy moves into the house right next to 5 Seconds Of Summer's guitarist Michael Clifford!


1. Chapter 1: Moving Day

Emmy's POV:

I just moved to Australia with my mother because she's getting married to her boyfriend. As I start to unpack, my best friend Kayla texted me so I finished unpacking the box I was working on then right when I walked towards my phone, which is on charge, then I trip over a couple of boxes and then opened the text:

K- hey girl how's Australia?

E- I don't know, I haven't had the chance to explore it yet.

K- Bummer, well you have all the time in the world to explore and when you do you need to tell me all about it!

E- Haha okay I will!

K- Have you met anyone yet? Like, cute boys?

E- No not yet.

K- Dang

E- Yeah well mom just told me to finish unpacking and to meet the neighbors so I'll text ya later.

K-Bye Em!!

E-Bye nerd! I love yews!!

K-Love you too!!

I finish unpacking with in an hour and decide to take a shower. I run the hot water which felt really good on my back. After I get out of the shower I put a towel on and blow-dry my hair and straighten it. I walk into my room to find some clothes to wear. I look in my closet and find a Nirvana shirt, black skinny jeans, white vans, and my favorite Blink-182 beanie. After I get dressed I brush my teeth, grab my phone and stuff it in my pocket and head out to meet the neighbors. The house next to mine is a green house with a white roof. I go up to the door and knock on it. A tall guy with red hair that sticks up everywhere opens the door and i greeted him. "Um hi, I just moved next door with my mom and she told me to meet the neighbors." I said to him. "Ello Love, my name's Michael Clifford what's yours? He asks in a strong Australian accent. "Emily Robinson, but you can call me Emmy!" I say. "Emmy... Beautiful name." "Yeah, well I'd love to talk more but I have to go." I say. "Well if you need anything, give me a call, better yet, come and see me!" He says as he puts his number in my phone and makes a funny face for caller ID as I do the same with his. I leave and call Kayla. "Kayla? Hey, um I just met my neighbor and he is Hella Cute!!" "OMG Really? What's his name?" "His name is Michael Clifford and he has red hair." "MICHAEL CLIFFORD? As in THE Michael Clifford?" "Um what do you mean 'THE'?" "5 SECONDS OF SUMMER Michael Clifford!" "So he's famous?" "YESS!!!" Well, no wonder he's so attractive. "Well I gotta go, I'm cooking supper tonight bye my nerd" "Bye Emmy" and hung up. So apparently, my new neighbor is famous.

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