Every Fans Dream ❤️

My Best friend calls me.. Fresh out the shower I'm running around screaming from the craziest news ever! She just told
Me just got VIP tickets to meet One direction!
shay is a Harry girl and I'm 1.Louis fan.. But what goes on when we meet them is absolutely unbelievable.
Scandals,sex,heartbreaks and straight out drama
#louis #harry #romance #larry #roadtrip #drama #bestfriend #heartbreaks #tomo #hazza


2. OMG

I answer my phone.... Shays In cosco

M-"OMG YOUR ALIVE! You called Me soo many times girl what are you doing! ARE YOU OKAY???"

She started laughing, she smiled and it felt right knowing all the missed calls were on the lighter side.

S" Katelyn!! OMG GIRL WHY HAVENT YOU BEEN ANSWERING YOUR PHONE! I'm in freaking cosco and I'm calling you! That's how important this is dude!"

M- " you don't have wifi why are you calling me! What's happend is everything okay? Is this good or bad? your still aloud to come and vist me???!!"

My heart drops I swear she better still be coming, if it's anything holding me Together it's knowing I can see her soon..

S-" okay.... So you know how I spoke to my friend Allan? Well and he said he could get my tickets to See 1D?..."


S-" well he's done more then just that! He's given me meet and great! And HOLLY FREAKING GOSH!!! And he's given us both one'

M-" WAIT WHAT? Holly crap this isn't funny ? ARE YOU SERIOUS OR WHAT?? What is this???!"

I couldn't function... I was still standing in the bathroom with the shower running... I walked towards the shower and turned it off.. I then atempt to sit down on the bath, overly unsuccessful and I landed in the bottom of the bathtub..

Shay roars with Laughter as I try to get up.

S-" NO GIRL, LIKE STOP AND JUST LISTEN TO ME! Were going to meet them! WE GET TO MEET THEM! Do you understand me??? WE GET TO FUCKING MEET THEM!"

K-" but shay I live in Adelaide! I'm not even anywhere near you! Why would some boy who's never met me want to fly me across the world!"

S-" BECAUSE HE FOLLOWS MY BLOG AND HEA READ YOURS TO! he knows about the depression and the suicide atempts! He knows about the hard times and he knows about everything else! He told me WE DESERVE THIS! He said about his money and how he wants to do something that changes someone's life . WE ARE THAT SOMEONE!

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