Every Fans Dream ❤️

My Best friend calls me.. Fresh out the shower I'm running around screaming from the craziest news ever! She just told
Me just got VIP tickets to meet One direction!
shay is a Harry girl and I'm 1.Louis fan.. But what goes on when we meet them is absolutely unbelievable.
Scandals,sex,heartbreaks and straight out drama
#louis #harry #romance #larry #roadtrip #drama #bestfriend #heartbreaks #tomo #hazza


1. Missed calls

Katelyn/kitty (POV)

I wake up to 7 missed calls on FaceTime.. Shit what have I misses? Has something happened? Aruuugh I Hope she's okay!!

My Best friend lives on the other side of the universe..Litterarly! Shaylee lives in South Carolina USA, while lucky me is stuck here all alone and Friendless in Adelaide South Australia.

Shay is literarily my only friend, I mean I have friends at school but it's not like any of them really fit the Best friend criteria..I mean we go to high school together but I mean...HIGH SCHOOL...yay.. BFF *coughs,chokes,dies*

Thankgod she was coming to vist soon! Who cares about the cost or the length of time we spend together! I need to see her.

With Shay it's the type of friendship were you get a phone call at 2am just Fangirling over the newest Tweet From her one and only Mr Harry Styles!.. But the problem is sometimes that's not it.. She is severely Depressed and sometimes missing these calls makes my heart literarily skip two beats, having a Bestfriend living so far away and being in such condition is hard.. Receiving calls when all I see is A room covered in blood breaks my heart! But when I miss those calls I don't know what happens and not knowing hurts more.. I love her so much and I just hope one day something or someone is able to help her, hug her and make all her broken peices just magically mend..

I Atempt to call her back stay Laying in bed, however as it usually goes I call and after the thousandth call without an answer I give up and climb outta bed dragging my tired self to the shower. As I go to get in I catch a glimpse of myself, my long dark burgundy hair covers my body like a curtain but it wasn't enough to cover the layers of scars that warped around my body.. I hated what had become of my body, knowing id do it to myself but I knew it was getting better and my road to recover was near..

My heart is unsure why she isn't answering, she mostly is pretty good at answering even at 3/5/7am.. I'm sure she's fine.. I hope..

As soon as I start to wash the shampoo out of my hair my phone starts to ring, Attempt to wipe the bubbles from my face and open my eyes. I see her name pop up on my phone and I grab a towel and go to answer it, making sure the FaceTime camera is having the wall and not my naked self I answer the phone.. She's is in the shopping Center and I'm trying to wipe my face and hands enough not to warter log my phone. .

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