Every Fans Dream ❤️

My Best friend calls me.. Fresh out the shower I'm running around screaming from the craziest news ever! She just told
Me just got VIP tickets to meet One direction!
shay is a Harry girl and I'm 1.Louis fan.. But what goes on when we meet them is absolutely unbelievable.
Scandals,sex,heartbreaks and straight out drama
#louis #harry #romance #larry #roadtrip #drama #bestfriend #heartbreaks #tomo #hazza


3. Airport special

Two weeks later

Katelyn/kitty (POV)

The tickets were set to come within the week, the meet up and concert was set for a months time in London. I was to scared to believe it, I Katelyn was about to meet 5/5 of ONE DIRECTION! Louis. Fucking.Tomlinson..holly crap! It still makes me wonder how god could have created suck a perfect man!!

The most exciting news though, regardless if this was all some sick scam Shay was coming!!!!! Within the next 12hours!

I cleaned the house and made sure everything was super clean and ready for action! This was going to be the best month of our freaking lives.

Shay/Shaylee (POV)

This plane ride literarily feels like it will never land, I've been on this plane for what seems a century when they turn on the fasten seatbelt signs. * HOLLY CRAP THIS SHIT JUST GOT FREAKING REAL* I was about to meet my Kitty! my bestfriend! My life! Even though we haven't meet in person I feel like katelyn and me could basically be twins, besides me being almost 2 years older I'm 20 while she's a mear 18. She just gets me, better than anyone else she understands when others don't.. The best thing about Kitty is that we can ACTUALLY FANGIRL! 99% factual and 100% obsessed! This is going to be a trip down under that I'll never forget!

The only thing I'm more exited about them meeting my girl is when I see Allan! Because I know seeing Allan means seeing HARRY EDWARD FUCKING STLYES! Holly crap! Katelyn said the tickets haddent came yet but they are due any day now!

Just as my flight landed and my phone turned on I received a very frantic phone call.. It was Allan, not only did he sound unsure but he didn't sound as caring as usual.

A- "Heey girl, so I have good news and I have shitty news? What so you prefer? "

S-" ALLAN! Hey. Umm please tell me the good and promise the bad won't break me!"

A-" Shay honey, only because I love you I'm gonna tell you the bad news! So anyways.. I need to apologise, I've promised somthing I can't give you.."

S- "umm keep talking??? "

My heart was about to sink threw a hole in my stomach a fall into my ass! I can't deal with this.. I need my hazza!

A- "we talked about what hAppends in a month right? You know babe you and 5/5 of my best mates ?"

OH SHIT HES REALLY GOING TO TWLL ME THIS! I can't deal OMG I neeed to meet Harry! I neeeed to see Harry!!!

S-" mm" I didn't say anything else my eyes had already folded with tears and my heart had shatteredn't say anything I just cried into the phone, I couldn't even voice my thoughts to say how I was feeling at this exact moment. Imagine your a kid, at Disney world.. And the day you go, THE ONLY DAY YOU GET THERE! And it's closed.. That's how I felt right at this second.

I hide a sudden beeping noise.. Allan was trying to FaceTime me.. IS HE SERIOUS CAN HE NOT HEAR ME CRYING? I look like a raccoon

AN- I know this takes a whole while to get into it, but if anyone does read this pleaaase comment!! I also apologise for any mistakes in grammar and spelling as I'm only using my phone to update.😩😩❤️❤️💋💋

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