The Horse Academy

Taylor loved horses, she helps out at her local animal shelter and rides her aunty's horse Jojo, a horse from the slaughterhouse that her Aunty rescued. But Taylor's grandparents book a horse camp for her! Taylor faces many challenges including Chloe, a bratty, spoiled girl, Ben, Chloe's older brother, a strict riding instructor and a cheeky horse to deal with. Join her exciting adventures she faces!



"Alright students! Please go to your dorms and unpack, when you're finished, please locate to stable block 7 in your riding gear." Mrs Evelyn yells across the heap of rides, including me and my friend Maddie, I was our first day of horse camp and we are going to meet our horses!

Maddie and I smile at each other and walk up to our dorms.

"Done!" Maddie says as she finishes pulling on her small riding boot. I smile and zip up my blue riding vest. "Are we ready?" I say. Maddie laughs and we exit.

I tie up my brown hair in a ponytail and dust off my Jodhpurs.

Mrs Evelyn was waiting at the stable door of a grey Arabian sniffing at the side of it's window.

The riders assemble and Mrs Evelyn starts talking.

"Hello again riders, this grey Arabian mare behind me is Squiggles, she is my niece's horse.

Well, could I please have the advanced team to follow me, you know who you are." Mrs Evelyn explains. I walk forward, Maddie stays there, she's only intermediate. Maddie gives me a thumbs up and I smile. The group carries on and I pass Squiggles, giving her a pat. She snorts, she's a beautiful horse.

"Alright riders! You are advanced, for that gift, you all get a horse of your own........

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