The Horse Academy

Taylor loved horses, she helps out at her local animal shelter and rides her aunty's horse Jojo, a horse from the slaughterhouse that her Aunty rescued. But Taylor's grandparents book a horse camp for her! Taylor faces many challenges including Chloe, a bratty, spoiled girl, Ben, Chloe's older brother, a strict riding instructor and a cheeky horse to deal with. Join her exciting adventures she faces!



I trot around on Jojo, my aunty's horse, my cousin, Emma is on a riding camp and I was here to look after the farm, because my Aunty is always busy with riding lessons. My younger brother starts up the quad bike, Jojo, hates loud noises, especially engines. "Stop!" I yell at Sam.

Sam doesn't listen. Jojo rears slightly and I have to hug his mane. My Aunty rushes out to tell my brother off but she was too late, Jojo started cantering around the arena, I lost my balance and BOOF! I fell off. My Aunty runs into the arena to check in me, "are you okay?" She asks, "yep, just a sore butt." I reply.

She smiles and goes to get Jojo's reins. "Here, maybe you should stop now, it's dangerous to start again on Jojo, last time i did that he bucked me off and I dislocated one of my fingers." She explains. "Ouch!" I say. She laughs and hands me Jojo's reins. "Good luck!" My Aunty says as she walks away. I stand up and brush all the sand off my breeches. "You're a whole heap aren't you Jojo?" I ask to the black gelding. He steps back. I pat his blaze and smile. "Come on, you can Buck, kick, rear and do what ever you like in your pasture." I add. He snorts and I lead him to a fencing post. I untack him and brush him down with a curry comb. "Gosh you are sweaty." I laugh.

I grab his halter and lead rope and lead him out to his pasture. "Here you go mate!" I say with my heavy Australian accent. He neighs and I take off his halter. "Have fun!" I say and he canters off to the hay. Of course.

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