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Anonymous :

The heavy rain of bipolar British weather played it's symphony throughout the castle walls. In one of the far rooms slept peacefully the princess. The short slim maid walked through the heavy door careful not to wake her up. "Princess, princess I think you ought to wake up now" the maid touched her long ombré hair. The princess twist and turns around. "Please wake up princess your going to miss breakfast with your father" the maid continuous to play with the princess's hair. She seemed so peaceful so carefree almost unaware of the world around her .

Violet's point if view :

The sent of rain filled my nose as the world came in contact with myself. I knew if I dare open my eyes I would stop living in my darkest fantasy and learn to live in reality. But, we all don't get what we want. Slowly and ever so gracefully I stumbled out of my king sizes bed to my most prized possession in this room. It would honestly be the washroom, it's like a second bedroom in my bedroom! "Madam, today's the day of the annual ball it would be a privilege if you would make an appearance" one of the maids stated. "Of course I wouldn't miss it for the world" I smiled sympathetically at her knowing one of the older maids probably told tales of how much of a witch I was. The cold water woke me up instantly making me relax. Pulling the blackberry shampoo from it's original position I placed it in my hair and did the same with the conditioner. After another long 4 minutes in the bath tub I walked out, wrapped it around my body and went on to pick out my outfit for this morning. Deciding on a black dress and black flats, how original Violet . "Breakfast in two minutes princess" the voice spoke. I smiled as my reflection showed. "We must smile to those who hurt us most" my grandmas voice ran through me. My hair position in the half up half down hair-do my make up consist of foundation, mascara, and eyeliner.

Estella's point of view :

loud foot steps where heard through the dining hall. Here she comes little miss perfect dressed all pretty to show of god knows what. She's so annoying yet so full of herself. I grew up with her and can I just say god doesn't love me at all. I was compared to her for every little thing. " good morning sister" violets annoying voice cooed. "A lovely good morning to you to sister" I replied trying not to stab her with the fork. "Violet and Estella tonight marks the year of the annual ball. As always it is requires for the both of you to show up. You both know the rules and the requirement. Please be promptly dressed. The hairstyles and make up artist will be making you both even more stunning then you are" my fathers voice rang. I dug into the probably cold rabbit heart and Brussels sprouts. Almost loosing my appetite at the fact that I knew I would never be as pretty as my sister .

Violets point of view :

I jabbed my fork into the cold pancakes and eggs. It's really good, just cold not everything's the same since my mother died. "May I be excused " Estella's voice rang. "Yes you may" my father replied. "I don't want to eat anymore father, if that's alright with you" I stated preparing to exit the long lonely dinning room. "If you wish to dear" my father replied. Almost instantly I shot up from my seat. "I guess I'll see them tonight." The faint voice of my father rang.

Unknowns point of view :

i watched as she gracefully got up from her seat and entered the garden. She's a beauty, I've been watching her since she was 2 and now I finally get to have her. She won't see it coming and I hope she never will.

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