For the Hunger Games Fan fiction Competition. Point of View from Peeta after the Quarter Quell.


7. Chapter 7

The air was fresh and I took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. I ran in the streets of the Capitol. Everywhere I went I saw fingers pointing towards me. I paid no attention to them and continued running. The exit of the Capitol was a big iron gate rigged with lasers and guns. Extra guards were standing in front of it. 

There was no way I could pass them I thought to myself. I put on an extra burst of speed and rushed towards the big gate. And in no time I was past it. The guards didn't even give me a glance. Relief washed over me as I ran towards and open field. I kept running and running, my arms stretched out. This was what freedom felt like. To be out of the grasps of the Capitol. But then suddenly I thought of Katniss and Gale and all those dead people. Dead because of me. Sorrow came over me and I sat down putting my head in my knees. "What have I done!", I yelled out loud. Then I started crying. Crying for Katniss, for me, for all the districts that were still in the hands of the Capitol.

The districts were a mighty brave thing. These days they were rebelling against the Capitol. Hand in hand they could be as strong as ever. But they don't see that. All these years the districts have worked day and night to supply for the Capitol. All the coal, lumber, and food, come from the districts. 


When I looked up the sky was a brilliant orange. Sunset orange, my favorite color. Wiping away the tears I stared at the sky for a long time, thinking of what to do now.

Move on I guess. Just move on.   

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