For the Hunger Games Fan fiction Competition. Point of View from Peeta after the Quarter Quell.


6. Chapter 6

The chip was breaking apart. I was becoming sane again. But President Snow didn't know that, so whenever he came in, I still acted as if I was still crazy and wild. 

"What have I done?" That was the question that swirled around my mind these days. I killed Katniss and Gale. Katniss was the other half of me. She used to call me when she had nightmares and I would come to her and sleep with her. When I had no one I had Katniss. 


I was forming a plan in my head to overthrow President Snow. I would escape and then go in President Snow's office. Then I would put the medicine they gave to me in President Snow's tea. Then I would escape the Capitol. 

I waited for the right moment to leave my room. When I left I made sure to stick to the wall and use it for cover. I slid across it and crouched, making sure nobody was in sight. When the coast was clear I ran to President Snow's office door and put my ear to it. When I made sure there were no voices I opened the door. It made a rusty creaking noise as if President Snow hadn't walked into it for years. When I was in I took out the syringe I had put in my front pocket and squeezed the liquid into his tea cup. It was brown and thin enough to be mistaken for tea. When I was done I threw away the syringe and left the room silently. 

The exit door was like a gateway to heaven for me right now. I quickly ran to the door when I heard a footsteps behind me. It was President Snow, but he didn't see me . He was walking towards his office door no doubt to have his alone tea time. 

I pushed open the door and ran outside. 

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