For the Hunger Games Fan fiction Competition. Point of View from Peeta after the Quarter Quell.


5. Chapter 5

My brain was completely transformed into double crazy mode. My thoughts were changed . Now all I was thinking was to destroy Katniss. My whole body never stopped moving. 

One day Gale came slamming into the room and pinned me onto a wall and between heavy gasps, yelled at me "Katniss is dead! Because of you!" 

Because of the brain chip I didn't feel any emotion for that news. I felt automatically happy because I was programmed to kill Katniss. But deep, deep, deep inside I felt pure dread. I had a very tiny sliver of me that was still a tiny bit sane. 

Gale continued "She couldn't bear to see you like this so she went and shot herself. Now I can't live without Katniss so I am going to kill myself too."

Gale let me go and sat down heavily on the white tiled floor. He slowly took out a gun and put it to his head. I just heard a loud bang and saw Gale lying on the ground with blood pouring out of his forehead. Three men ran in and carried Gale away. Deep down my sorrow was strong. Deep down this wasn't going where I expected it to go. 

Then something strange happened. I saw Katniss in front of me, but she disappeared in a flash. Then I saw Gale, and my mother. And all the dead tributes from the games. I saw Rue and she reminded me of Katniss. I saw Prim. The visions were too much for me. I collapsed on the floor taking in deep breaths. I reached for the glass of water that was on my night table. Deep down my soul was falling apart. Deep down everything was upside down. 

Deep down I was screaming no.  


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