For the Hunger Games Fan fiction Competition. Point of View from Peeta after the Quarter Quell.


3. Chapter 3

The nightmares were flashbacks of my tortured life. It showed me getting reaped. Then the scene shifted to Katniss and I almost eating the nightlock berries, then it shifted again to the quarter quell. The scenes kept shifting until t showed me on the chair with Caesar Flickerman, saying my little speech. That was the last scene before I woke up. 

The room was pitch black dark and I was still strapped to my bed. The window was dark so I was guessing it was night time. My arms and legs were constantly thrashing and kicking. I was trying with all my will to stop, but it made me exhausted. The trackerjacker venom was taking over me and I couldn't do anything. My head started bobbing around too. I could feel there were scratches, bruises, and cuts on my forehead. But behind my eyes I was still the same old Peeta Mellark. I tried to put myself back to sleep but no use.  

Suddenly the door opened and the woman walked in. She unstrapped me and made me sit up. She then went out and brought someone else in.

It was Katniss.

Katniss ran towards me. At that moment something happened. I lost my sanity. I stood up and viciously tackled Katniss to the floor, choking her. Her eyes were starting to roll back into her head. I knew this was the trackerjacker venom again. But I didn’t know how to stop. Then Katniss fell unconscious. The woman strapped me back into the bed. A couple of men came in, picked up Katniss and took her away.               

I thrashed some more and started to wonder what had happened to me and what would happen to me. If it went too far I could possibly kill someone, or worse, kill Katniss. I was getting worried now.

President Snow was using me against Katniss and the rebellion. He was forcing me to be on his side. He was ready to take any measures to win.

Suddenly there was a hard rapping on the door. The door opened and President Snow walked in and said “Fine speech you gave there Mr. Mellark.”

I was furious at President Snow for doing this to me. But he just smiled maliciously, pointed at the dry and withered white rose, and then walked away, leaving me with my tortured mind.            

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