For the Hunger Games Fan fiction Competition. Point of View from Peeta after the Quarter Quell.


2. Chapter 2

The morning sun shone on my face. It wasn't my face though. I mean it was my face but it was overtaken by the trackerjacker venom. I looked down and I saw my arms and legs thrashing around. I tried to calm my nerves but it worked against me. I tried in vain to bring back some sanity in me. Trackerjacker venom was a deadly thing. It gave you hallucinations with even the smallest sting. One girl in the 74th hunger games died because of trackerjackers.

My eyes were starting to go glassy when suddenly the woman, who fed me yesterday, came in with more food on a tray. She started stuffing it in my mouth. This food was all garbage. I didn't want to eat it after the conversation I had heard. I protested but the woman did not take notice. After the food, she got out a dark vial out of her front pocket and poured the contents into a small spoon. She shoved the spoon in my mouth and made sure I swallowed it.  She went away after feeding me with a smug expression on her face. The medicine made me drowsy and I soon fell asleep.


When I woke up, the woman was peering over me. I sat up with a start and immediately started to feel dizzy. She took my arm and dragged me out the door. The hall was white with wall décor. The woman took me to a room with only a few people. She made me sit on a chair and said “Do the best you can. He has to be ready in twenty.” The she walked out of the room. The people started on my face and applied lotions, creams, and combed my tangled blond hair. They dressed me in a suit and tie.

The woman came back and held me by the arm again and walked me to another room. This time it was filled with camera. There was a stage set to look like a formal living room. Caesar Flickerman was sitting in one of the chairs with not a smile on his usually cheerful face. The woman nudged me towards the set, towards a big beige chair. When she let go of my arm I stumbled to the chair. I couldn’t even walk straight. In my brain I knew it was the trackerjacker venom. The woman put her hand up and men turned on cameras and hit the record button.

Caesar Flickerman turned towards me and said “Peeta, do you have any message for us?” As if I knew the answer, my mouth opened and words started pouring. “I just want to tell you to put your weapons down because the Capitol can handle it. Let the Capitol give you freedom and justice. President Snow and the Capitol will lead you to your destiny.” My mouth closed and the cameras shut down. Those weren’t my words. They put something in the trackerjacker venom to make me say these things. The woman came back and took me to my room. I fell asleep tossing and turning.

That’s when the nightmares started.


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