For the Hunger Games Fan fiction Competition. Point of View from Peeta after the Quarter Quell.


1. Chapter 1

The sky exploded with lightning. 

I saw Katniss get thrown back and flung at the ground. Then my eyesight went black. 


I blearily opened my eyes and stared up at a white ceiling. I looked down and saw that my arms were strapped down to a bed. The room was empty with barely any furniture except my bed and a night table with a lamp on it. Then I heard footsteps and the door opened. President Snow walked in with a white rose in his front pocket of his coat. He casually strolled to the bed and said, "Not so lucky, are you." He smiled took out his rose and placed on the night table and walked away leaving me alone. 

No one came into the room for a while. After a few hours a women came in with a tray and started feeding me. It was stew. I hated stew. I gulped it down and one particular tasted funny. I swallowed and I immediately felt a hue pang of pain. My whole throat felt like it was on fire. The it stopped. I spoke but my voice became funny. The nurse just whispered "Shh. Shh. Don't talk." The she left the room. When she left it was evening and the sun was setting. My arms were still tied and strapped to the bed. Suddenly he heard voices outside his door. 

"Yes I put the trackerjacker venom in his food." That voice seemed to be from the woman who came and fed him. 

"Good. It should start kicking in soon." I knew that voice anywhere. It was President Snow's. He destroyed mine and Katniss's life. The rebellion had started when Katniss and I pretended to eat the nightlock berries. Katniss and I both won that year. In the 75th hunger games, the remaining victors had to fight among each other. In the end Katniss had sent an arrow flying to the sky of the arena. She knew that the arena was under a force field. She knew she had sparked a rebellion in the 74th hunger games. She knew when the arrow landed it would destroy her and her home. 

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