Living On The Edge


6. Why'da Kill Him?

Charles was looking at her and he murmured so the crew couldn’t hear him. “Iz…”



“No.” Isobel said firmly. “You want my trust your going to have to gain it.’’ Charles ran his fingers through his hair- a look of hating to admit something on his face.

‘I guess your right.” He said and sat. The captain had taken his seat. And so the crew did too. The cook brought out the food a merry two hours later.

They had all introduced each other and their names. Taught her a few sea shanties. They had all sung merrily and Charles’s hand wrapped around hers on the rope. A small bugger of something felt like a rock in her stomach and she pulled her hand away sending a glare to Charles.She stood up. No one seemed to notice as she walked to the front of the boat, her hands lingering on the railings and her dress flapping around due to the night wind.

She stared out into the wind and the stars and thought about murder and joy. About love and loss. How her life had just changed majorly and the other half of her life…didn’t. how could he not sense that there was something wrong with her? He usually did. She heard the chorus of goodnights to the captain and Isobel turned away from the sea to look at the boat, her dress flapped against her legs. She saw Charles jump down off the upper deck-she learned that name from one of the sailors- and walk off the way that they came out. He turned to her and shouted

“Last one down!” And walked to his room, leaving Isobel who was petrified of being alone on a pirate ship for crying out loud alone ran after him. She got to his room right after it slammed in her face. She could hear him muttering behind the door. She opened it slowly and put a foot at a time through the door, unsurely and absolutely hating that she had to do this. He stopped muttering and smiled at her as she shut the door. She didnt returned the smile. The candle was lit. his shoes were all the way across the room and he was lounged on the side of the bed she slept on the night before. Isobel made her way to the candle and pushed him over to the other side. She sat down in his place and took off her boots. Then she lay down and he wrapped his arms around her and she stiffened.

“Night Izz…” He said closing his eyes. Isobel lay stiffly and awkwardly in his arms. When she thought he was asleep. She leaned over to him.

“Why’d ya kill him.” She whispered and then leaned over again this time to the candle and blew it out. She laying in the dark letting her lids get heavy and droop asleep.

Charles was not actually asleep when she blew the light out but what she just said…

‘Why’d ya kill him?’ He wanted to tell her it was all for good reasons but was it? He killed a man and to her it must of seemed very harsh. He never thought about it before. He just did. Sure he killed and maimed and stole but….. he was a pirate. What else was he supposed to do? He coulnt just keep lying to her now. She knew. She saw. Shed never trust him again. He’d never trust himself again and he would have to leave one of the people he was happiest with. Charles had to find a way to explain logically why he killed that rascal and a way to include her in his life now. It scared him. It was easy to lie to her- hard on himself but otherwise easy. Tis was going to be hard to be absolutely truthful. He kissed her cheek and fell asleep. 

She never knew

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