Living On The Edge


7. Had it All Been A Dream?

The next morning he woke up alone in his bed. Had it all been a dream? He knew the answer was no when he heard the cheering above. He rubbed his what he imagined bloodshot eyes and his spiky due to the morning hair which would just flop in his face in a few minutes. He got up and put on his battered white shirt which was more of a yellowish already. He sighed and left his cabin. Still rubbing his eyes awake. When he reached the end of the hall he squinted at the sunlight. His crew- unlike normal- were standing around the largest mast and were all looking up and shouting. He put his hand up to block the sunlight and squinted. Climbing up there was…Isobel. A small seizure of panic hit him. She was determinedly climbing up to meet two of his crew- both young and stupid and daring- with a rope. Since no one not even Mick surprisingly enough seemed to be watching the below they must’ve know that she was special. When Isobel’s hand curled around the large bucket up top with the two sailors in it they pulled her up and his crew cheered. He could see Isobel with the largest smile of all. 

She turned to face them to talk. One of the men up there-Fido( they called him that due to the way he almost always gets what he wants, the softness( like a dogs) of his face, and the way he will get any if you need it had just started laughing hysterically. Patches, the other young man up there (No, he did not have only one eye. He was the one who put patches on their ripped clothing!) shouted down that he was telling his story.

His story was about how one he had to get something that the ship needed that was up in the bucket (Incidentally he also broke his arm during that chore)and he had to do the same thing Isobel was doing. Climbing up the mast and so for days on end Patches had just sat around doing nothing and so then Fido had swam all the way from the boat around 40 meters to the nearest land and came back with a banana crate, a piece of charcoal, and a blade of grass and a yard of string (there were lingering suspicions that he stole the rope) nearly 20 seconds later for Patches to tinker around with. Patches had made a wooden umbrella and had drawn all over the crews faces as they slept and so later that night Charles and a few others took apart the umbrella and tied Patches to the side of the boat- it was hot the day following- and the charcoal stuck to him- to his sweat. As he magically managed to escape he ending up drawing all over the ship and having to wash it all off.

“Anchor up!” He shouted, hoping Isobel would come down, but she didn’t. Patches kindly asked her to get down but suggested to do this again tomorrow. She kindly agreed and slowly climbed down. Charles who worried for her stood under the pole his arms out. She made her way down slowly and when she was maybe five feet off the ground she let go and fell into Charles arms, which had fell slack the other twenty plus feet, at the last moment, a second after she was in his arms they turned from water to ice. Her legs were sprawled and one of them was on her knee under her. He propped her back up, immediately apologizing. The light in her eyes had gone out a bit. Charles took her shoulder in his hand and led her to the upper deck where he sat her on a crate.

Isobel stared straight ahead.

‘I heard you yesterday.” He blurted out.

“Did you?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“kill… I killed the man…. The lying bastard… b-because…’

“No stuttering.” She interrupted him sternly, like he always did with her.

He sighed deeply. “Izz… listen. I know. I have done wrong. Sure I killed someone…”

“And nearly forgot about him afterwards” she added

‘Yeah. I killed someone, but…. Its in the life and I want you to be in the life to. Iz. You don’t understand. I really want you to. I didn’t know how to break it to you, when I first met you…you looked stunning but it wasn’t that that attracted my eyes. It was… you in general.  You just seemed like you. And now all I want to do Is love you and kiss you and spend all my time with you. But if I did that it would tear away my sea life.”

“Why couldn’t you add us together?” she asked quietly.

“Because…huh….i didn’t know how you would mix. Living on the edge…”

“And I didn’t do that before?” she asked sharply.

“No Iz. I didn’t mean it that way its just that…’’

“That what?” she said roughly. “Don’t speak unless you have something to say. Now drive your boat. She looked at the sea behind them stubbornly and crossed her arms and stuck her legs out.

"It't not a boat its a..." She didn't hear him. She hummed to herself and stared out into the ocean.


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