Living On The Edge


5. And Pirates Can be Ladies...Sometimes...Maybe...Never.

Isobel sat facing backwards, slouched, her hand in her face and her arms on her knees. She pouted and Charles spoke.

“Aw, Izz. Don’t pout.” He said kindly. She frowned some more before saying

“You lied.” She said coldly “About everything. I am allowed to ‘pout.’” At pout she made quotations with her fingers. Charles sighed.

“I’m sorry. I truly am sorry.”

“For everything?” she asked sarcastically. He nodded.

“For your whores?” she asked sharply. He opened his mouth indignantly. But no noises came out. “for the lying? For the tricking?” He clamped his eyes shut and jerked the wheel sideways. He breathed heavily for a few minutes before opening his eyes and staring glassily.

“My name is Charles Hugo. My father was a pirate and my mother anonymous.” He said as if reciting a nursery rhyme. “I grew up on a boat and when I was ten I asked my father if I could live on land for a while. I lived in Yorkshire for two months, studying and learning before getting home sick. From then on I spent time on land and time on sea. When my father died-three years ago. We all knew it was coming. He was ill for ages. Three years ago exactly today…” Isobel stared at him. That was when she had met him. Two years ago. Today. He was staring glassily at a hat in a hat shop and she had run into him and he had insisted on taking her home. from then on he showed up at her doorstep for a month.  Isobel bit her lip. “And then I met you while I was looking in a hat shop for a new hat because my old one had flown away…” He gazed glassily ahead “Anyway. You were gorgeous. With that hair and those eyes…’ he said motioning to her steel blue ones. “And I liked you. Immediately.

“then we talked some more and…”

“that’s not fair.” Isobel said “You stood outside my house for hours on end!” Charles shrugged.

“I liked you more,” He said finishing his sentence “I got to go to sea and believe me it pained me to go. A lot. But I did and I took over fathers ship and so… here I am.” Isobel frowned.

“That doesn’t explain your whores.”

“Theres not much to it. I was drunk…”

“Like how drunk? Like drunk enough to tell whomever you are with that you want to marry them/” she asked sharply.

“No. only you.”

“Then how come you lied?”

“I never said…” He use at words was ridiculous.

“Im sorry.” He said genuinely. “truly I am. Honestly.” Isobel turned sideways on her crate to face him more.

The blonde who seemed around her age came up to her hours after that conversation and he interrupted the silence that had been going on the whole time. He was on the taller side compared to the rest of the crew. He looked where she was staring at the sea and said

“Aye. Isn’t it beautiful.” He said to her as he washed the deck with a broom

“it is.” She responded back. He turned to look at her, leaning on his wet mop.

“Im Emmet.”he sounded Scottish.

“Hullo Emmet.” She replied.

“Hello.” Charles said after her, still in his habit of correcting her.

She turned to Charles.

“Stop it.”

“Stop what?”

“Stop correcting me. You live with pirates why cant speak proper english for their lives so why me?”

“Because it pains me to see a pretty lady speak like a pirate.”

“And pirates can be ladies,” She said “Sometimes.” She added as Charles gave her a weird look. ‘Maybe.” She corrected herself.

“Never.” Said Charles. It angered her. She looked back  at the blonde-Emmet and said

“So what do you do on this boat?”

“Ship.” Charles corrected her. She ignored him. A slight smile was coming from Emmet.

“What evers needed.’


“Aye you cant belive how lazy everyone is!” Isobel laughed. And said randomly

“The amount of sweat made on this boat must raise the ocean, feet every day.”

“Oh yeah. Maybe not feet. Higher I think.”

“pounds a week. It must reek!”

“Oh it does.” He said scowling, the sun was setting by then and they were lowering the anchor and all you could hear was grunts of hard work.  Charles tapped Isobel’s shoulder from the wheel as she watched Emmet clean. She turned around.  

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