Living On The Edge


2. A Sudden Idea...

Isobel cast that thought aside as nothing as she stood up from her straw bed and combed her fingers through her dark brown nearly straight hair that was as long as her back. She paced the room. A sudden idea catching her mind and she quietly walked out of her room. Walked out of her house, careful not to disturb her parents who were embraced.

She walked around the streets  her dress waving with the wind as she stepped on her tip toes in various patterns, dancing with herself. Her eyes on the ground like she always walked. No posh women to judge her on the ground. She stopped as she reached the edge of a familiar ground. The port. Charles and her often walked around it and she knew practically every step. She turned left on the corner she nearly fell of off and saw right in front of her a big wooden plank. With people walking on it. Men. Not just any though. One she knew in particular. With brown hair that was always in his face and who at the moment was scowling. Charles.

She always wondered what his boat looked like, she had never actually seen it in person, well she had when she and Charles would walk around the port and they would have a distracted conversation by it, but other than that she had never seen it. He had never shown it to her. Only explained with little detail.

‘White sails and ….” He would always stop after that, shutting his eyes, grinning. And then after what felt like forever he would say “big.” That never meant anything at all, except when he said big, he really meant it. That ship was ginormous. Like a mountain…of wood. It was parked sideways against the dock, the small round, blue painted window holes right against the dock. A sudden idea flashed through her head. Without a second thought she jumped the small distance from the edge of the dock to the round window. The tips of her toes were still on the dock while her arms were draped through the windows. She used what little arm strength she had to pull herself through the window and it was for the only time ever, it was a good thing that she was rarely given food by her parents. She fit through the window her arms were on the ground by then and yet her knees out were dangling out of it, and just at that moment she felt the ground beneath her fingers moving, the boat lurched forward and she fell forward, all the way inside of Charles ship. She curled herself up in a corner, regretting her thoughtless action and staring at the luggage cases around her. She hugged her knees to her chest and shut her eyes.

She was on the very bottom level of the boat she decided, due to the fact that she felt it moving and that some water leaked up as the boat moved. Also she could hear small noises. Isobel stood up and then suddenly squeezed her eyes shut. She wasn’t used to moving on boats. There was a different feel to everything. She whimpered as a sharp jerk of movement sent  her to the window. She was exactly the height of half the window. Before as she touched the ground it was all her arms taking up the space but now she reached up hands up to the window and gripped down on the outside of it and peeked out. They were already quite far from land, as in, she couldn’t see it. Isobel looked out at the ocean and hear nothing but the calming swishing of the boat.

And it was almost as if she jinxed it.

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