Girl Almighty

[Book 2 of My Baker Boy Series] One Direction has been famous since 2010. It's the summer of 2015, and Diana decided to take online classes before going back to the Indiana University campus. What happens when Diana Garcia unintentionally sees her baker boy once more, only this time under the spotlight? Will she embrace him once more, or will something far greater than her visions trap her behind a another barrier? Warning! Yellow—may contain some mature content. Cursing is not censored.
© Copyright 2015-2016. All rights reserved. I don't own the picture used to make the cover.


5. In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight


As soon as we parked in the parking garage and got out of the Volkswagen I yelled out, "Race you to the elevator!" Chelsea and I ran straight to it and ended up in a tie. "I won!" I exclaimed.


"No, I'm pretty sure it was me." Chelsea was trying to catch her breath.


"Considering how out of breath you are, I'd say that you weren't ready to run." I smirked.


Chelsea looked up at me. "I swear, you and Harry are perfect for each other. You both already make pretty shitty jokes."


"Haha, very funny. Hurry up or we'll miss the concert! Breathe heavy later."


The Lucas Oil Stadium wasn't packed as I thought it would be. As we walked backstage, I began to wonder if it was a good idea to come this early. "Chelsea, are you sure the radio contest said we could meet them before and after the concert?" 


"Duh. Would I ever lie to you?"


"Well, there was this one time where you had a boyfriend named Ye-jun and didn't tell me."


"Okay, well besides that-"


"That one time when you and Ye-jun were-" Chelsea covered my mouth.


"Okay, okay! I lie from occasion!" She uncovered my mouth. "I wanted to see if we could snag an autograph before the show."


"Couldn't we just wait? I mean, were going to see them perform and-" 


"LOUIS! GIVE ME BACK MY SANDWICH!" In the distance, I saw the Louis Tomlinson running backstage, carrying a sandwich. Then from behind, I saw the silhouette of Niall chasing after Louie. Chelsea suggested that we leave before we got caught.



Thankfully we weren't caught by any guards backstage. Now that the concert was over, Chelsea and I made our way backstage. Again. "Oh my God, I can't wait to meet them!" Chelsea was overjoyed. I on the other hand, was in a mix of emotions. Yes, I was excited to see Harry again, who was my first kiss and briefly my first boyfriend. But what if he didn't miss me? What if he's dating someone? I kept thinking this over and over again until Chelsea got me out of my thoughts. "Hey, are you okay? You don't seem well." 


"What? Of course I'm fine! Haha. Why wouldn't I be?" I faked a smile.


"Right, well you seem like you're keeping something from me. Are you?" I stayed silent. Shit! She knows! Chelsea looked at my necklace. "You know, I always wondered who that 'Harry' is from your heart necklace. Could it be the Harry Styles?" She raised an eyebrow.


"Well," I was about to explain, but One Direction was walking towards us. "Hey, why don't you go look for them and I'll wait for you here and I'll explain, okay?" 


"Fine." Chelsea turned around and her eyes widened. "Diana, act cool." She whispers to me. She stopped in her tracks after seeing that her favorite band in the entire universe was heading her way.


"Hey girls," Niall said, smiling at us. "Thanks for coming out tonight." I remember briefly meeting Niall before Harry. He used to work during the summer at that hotel I stayed at when my flight to Manchester made an emergency landing in Dublin, Ireland. Now that I think about it, I feel like it was strange that he was working in Dublin since he's from Mullingar. Then again, it's only a 56 minute drive. 

I looked past Louis and Liam, since they were not the main reason why I came to the concert in the first place. Yes, it sounds harsh, but they were busy talking to Chelsea. And that's when I laid my eyes on him. My baker boy.


Luckily, he was staring right back at me, our stare never breaking. My attention was slightly diverted to what Liam said. "Hey Chelsea, how would you like to tour backstage?"


"I'd love to!" I knew then that Chelsea and the rest of the 1D boys left and it was just me and Harry. As cliché as it may sound, coming from a directioner, it felt like we were frozen but the world still spun around.

That's when he broke the silence. "Diana-" I hugged him tightly and began to cry a little. "No, don't cry love." He was trying to calm me down.


"I-I missed you." I turned into a sobbing mess. "I though I would never see you again."


Harry lifted up my chin and wiped away some of my tears. "Me too, but you know what kept me positive that one day I would see my Diana again?"

Did he just say what I think he said? His Diana? "What?" I sniffled.


"This." He held up his half of the heart necklace that said my name on it. "And yes, I did keep it all these years."


I just smiled at him. I let go of his embrace and look at him. Harry Styles hasn't changed a bit. Still the same. Well, there's the hair, tattoos, height- mostly the hair. His hair actually looks good long. "Hey, can I?" I point to his hair.


He chuckled. "You're not the first, and certainly not the last. Go ahead." I moved my hand through his chestnut hair.

"Hey, I'm pretty sure I've touched your hair when it was still short and curly. But damn, your hair hasn't lost its softness." 


"Do you two need a room?" Louis said as he walked towards us along with Niall, Liam, and Chelsea. They all laughed at us.


"I uh..." I let go of Harry's locks and proceed to blush. Fuck. Why me? 


"It's seems you two know each other," Liam said. "So Harold, is this the Diana that we wrote that one song about?"


"If I said no right now, you wouldn't believe me." He stuck his hands into his pockets. "I met her six years ago when she was in that strange program for transfer students during the summer." 


Liam crossed his arms. "How long has it been since you've mentioned her name? I was beginning to think she wasn't real."


Niall decided to answer that question. "Eh, about the same time when he went out with Ta-" Louis immediately slapped Niall in the face. "WHATCHA DO THAT FOR?!"


"Race you to the green room for that sandwich." Louis began to run away from the group. 


"NOT IF I GET THERE FIRST!!" Niall ran after, determined to beat Louis to that sandwich they're arguing about. Honestly, I feel like Louis was trying to save my feelings and make Niall not mention Taylor Swift. It was worth a shot, but I still knew what he was going to say. It was just the four of us now.


"I'm surprised that you haven't introduced us to Diana, Harry." Liam said moments after.


"They had a bit of a falling out, to my knowledge." Chelsea chimed in. 


I elbowed her in the arm. "Shut up. I don't think they know about that." I basically hissed at Chelsea to be quiet. But hey, I don't want my personal life presented to three boys I barely know.


"So, you two dated?" Louis questioned, walking back to the group with Niall, who had a sandwich in his hand. "Hazz, did you not tell us everything about you? I mean, we're all like brothers. What else have you been hiding?" 


"Nothing! I just didn't want to talk about how we broke up because I am probably going to be more embarrassed than she is." Harry's face turned a light shade of pink.


"Don't worry Haz. Jeez! Take a joke. After all these years, and you can't take any joke seriously besides yours?" Niall quipped. He began to eat the sandwich, since it was his victory prize. 


"Not to ruin this beautiful reunion," Liam began. "But Paul just texted me that we have to get on the bus. We're leaving and Pittsburgh is waiting for us." 

The boys each said goodbye to me and Chelsea, and thanked us again for coming to the concert. Chelsea wanted me to stay alone to say goodbye to Harry, especially since she had to go get her Volkswagen out before the traffic got worse. "Wow, I can't believe we're saying goodbye. Again." Harry looked down at his boots. 


"Well, we don't have to. Here." I handed him a blue sticky note with my number on it. "And my Twitter name is on there too. Follow me." 


"I'll be sure to text you as soon as I get on the bus." He gave a slight smile. 




"Well, Louis is quite the charmer." I snickered. 


"Yeah." He hugged me. "I'll see you again Diana. I promise." He kissed my forehead and let me go. I watched him walk away, along with a bodyguard. Luckily, he stopped and waved back. And poof, there goes the boy I've been waiting to see for six years.

Six long years of avoiding and not having any kind of contact with other boys. Because I knew I would see my baker boy again. Only this time, it wasn't in a bakery.


It was in the spotlight.



I left the stadium and I started to walk to the hotel that Chelsea said was nearby. Traffic was bad, so I suggested that I'd walk to the hotel and meet her there. As I was walking away from Lucas Oil, I saw two large buses pass by. I shook my head. It was still surreal to me that Harry entered the X-Factor and became part of the greatest band in the world. All because of me. I smiled stupidly as I made my way to the hotel.


Ten minutes later...

I crashed onto the bed and started to stretch. "Damn, this was a long day." 


"Hey, did you take your insulin again?" Chelsea asked as she put on an old T-shirt and polka-dot pajama bottoms. 


I squinted at her. "Yes mother." 


"I'm not kidding Diana. Did you take it after the concert was over?"


"Yeah, before we met the boys. Anything else mom?"


"Yeah, brush your teeth. I could smell your breath from miles away." 


I covered my mouth. "OH MY GOD CHELSEA! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!? WHAT IF THE BOYS? WHAT IF HARRY?" I ran to the bathroom, brushing my teeth like crazy. When I turned the water off, I heard Chelsea laughing. 


"Not funny." I glared at her.


"Oh c'mon. It was adorable." 


"How the hell are we still friends?"


"I don't know, you tell me." Chelsea motioned for me to sit down next to her. "I've got all the time in the world to hear about why my best friend didn't tell me about her first relationship."











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