Girl Almighty

[Book 2 of My Baker Boy Series] One Direction has been famous since 2010. It's the summer of 2015, and Diana decided to take online classes before going back to the Indiana University campus. What happens when Diana Garcia unintentionally sees her baker boy once more, only this time under the spotlight? Will she embrace him once more, or will something far greater than her visions trap her behind a another barrier? Warning! Yellow—may contain some mature content. Cursing is not censored.
© Copyright 2015-2016. All rights reserved. I don't own the picture used to make the cover.


2. Fate




It was now Friday, July 31st.

The day of the concert.

As usual, I would freak out before anything major happened to me. Like when I graduated from high school or whenever I have visions. However, today was different. Today I get to see my baker boy in what felt like ages- or six years to be exact. I knew that I had to dress cute today, but not over the top. After all, it was only a concert. 

Getting out of the shower, I put on my black high-waisted skinny jeans with my favorite crocheted maroon top and my white Keds. I was debating whether or not to wear make up or not, so I called Chelsea. 

"Hey Chelsea. Should I wear make up?"

"Duh. Remember that we're going back stage to meet One Direction. Just wear what you usually put on."

"So just the liner and mascara?"

"Bingo. I got to go, I'm about to leave the house to pick you up. See you in five minutes!"


As soon as I finished applying my makeup, Chelsea had arrived to my house. Damn, she's fast!

"Diana! Chelsea is here!" My mom yelled.

"Be right down!"

 I grabbed my duffle bag and ran down the stairs.

“Bye mom! See you Monday!” I shout as I make my way to the door.

“Bye dear! Have fun!”

I jumped into Chelsea's Volkswagen Eos Convertible, threw my backpack into the back seat, and put on my seat belt. “Ready to go?” Chelsea asked.

“I'm more than ready to go. I'm ready to run.” We both laughed. I always incorporated 1D songs into cheesy jokes. It was my thing. We drove to Lucas Oil Stadium. As we were making our trip, I decided that we should talk about One Direction to make us pumped for the concert. “Okay, so which do you prefer- the original 5 or the current 4?”

Chelsea turned to me, raising an eyebrow. “Diana, that's a shitty question. I still like One Direction now, even if Zayn is gone.”

I gasped and pointed to her. “You just said the name of he who shall not be named!”


“No! I meant Zayn.” I covered my mouth.

“Jeez Diana, it's not a big deal. Zayn left because he wanted to live a normal life.”

“Hah, normal 22-year-old my ass. If he wanted to stay in the shadows, then why did he release a solo album? Hmm?”

Chelsea just shrugged. “Maybe he wanted to be a solo artist all along.”

“He said that they would never separate. Yet, there he goes- solo. I'm pretty sure he didn't even think of the boys as his friends.” I crossed my arms and made a disgusted face.

“C'mon Diana, you know that you're overreacting.”

“No I'm not. Zayn is a backstabbing low-life who dropped his friends for the spotlight.”

“He did it to spend time with his family and fiancée.”

“Ahem! He broke off the engagement and the twitter pics say otherwise about spending time with his family.”

“Okay. Let's calm down. He's not even performing with One Direction today, okay?”

“Okay.” I was about to just shut up, but I noticed something on the road. “Chelsea! Look out!” Chelsea hit the brakes as soon as I yelled. We were a mere two feet away from falling off the road and into the canal below us.

“What? What happened?!” She exclaimed. 

“You almost hit a squirrel." 

“Diana Marie Garcia, are you trying to tell me that we almost risked our lives because you saw a fucking squirrel in the middle of the road?!"

“Yes. It was a very big squirrel too,” I whined. "I didn't want us to kill it."

Chelsea reversed the car and went back onto the road. We were silent the rest of the way. When we parked in the Lucas Oil Stadium Parking lot, I decided to speak up. "Chelsea? Look, I'm sorry for overreacting about a stupid squirrel. We're still friends, right?"

She pulled me into a hug. "Of course we are," She said calmly. "Just don't do it again, got it? Because if I go down, you go down with me."

"Duh. That's what best friends do. Ready to go?" We got out of the Volkswagen and we were heading towards an elevator, when out of no where, a yellow mustang was speeding near us. "Chelsea! WATCH OUT!!" 

"What?" Chelsea was oblivious to what was happening and in a heartbeat, I pushed her out of the way.






I'm back in front of the Styles' house. The door opened, and everything flashed before my eyes. Anne, Gemma and Harry. I knew I've seen them before! Then it flashed to me and Sarah in art class and I told her about my vision. And there it was, the sketch of Harry. That's what was missing from my sketch book! Then it flashed to the sleepover I had that same day after school ended. I told Sarah and Chelsea about my vision. What? I'm making some kind of sense out of this...Everything stopped and a hooded figure appeared. "May this be a warning to you: This is your only freebie." Then it went pitch-black.

I open my eyes and everything is so bright. It takes a while to adjust my vision until I realize I'm in a hospital, surrounded by doctors. "She's awake!" Someone shouted. All the doctors leave the room. What the hell? 

The hospital room door opened and a nurse walked in. "How are feeling Ms. Garcia?" 

"I'm fine, but where am I?"

"You're in the Ashbrook Equine Hospital. You have visitors."

Visitors? "Let them in please." I was a bit hesitant, but if I remembered correctly- it would be the Styles family.

"Diana! Oh darling, are you okay?" A concerning Anne walked in. Wow, it's been a while since I've seen Anne. She still looks the same.

 "I'm okay Anne."

"You gave us quite a scare!" said Gemma. Gemma looked the same as well. Wait...

"Where's Harry?"

"Here I am!" I couldn't believe it. Harry brought me some balloons and a bouquet of red tulips.

"Ah Harry, those are beautiful.Thanks! But you didn't need to get me anything..."

"Nonsense! You deserve them." He winked and it made me fluster. One of the doctors came in. 

Anne walked up to him and said: "Doctor, will Diana be okay?" I swear I've been here before...

"It looks like she is alright to leave. No serious injury. However.." Oh great, I thought I was gonna get out this hell Scott-free. "If it happens again, we will need to do more tests."

"Thank you doctor! Okay Diana lets get you out of here." We get out of the hospital room and go downstairs. Anne signs some paperwork. "By the way Diana, I notified your parents about what happened." 

I had to quickly pull myself out of my thoughts. "Uh, thanks Anne. I'm sure my parents wanted to know." We get outside and into Gemma's car. As I stared out of the window, it hit me. I am reliving the summer of 2009!! I pinched myself, trying to see if it was all a dream. 

Ouch! I contained my pain, trying to make sure I didn't catch anyone's attention.

Oh my fucking God.

Did I time travel? If I really time-traveled back to 2009, I have to make sure I don't butterfly effect anything. I remembered that I was supposed to be sleeping, so I went ahead and pretended to sleep. 


I felt that the car had stopped, so I open one eye and look through the window. We're home. "Hey mum, Diana fell asleep. Should I wake her up?" I quickly close my eyes so Harry doesn't realize I'm awake. Wait, would it be really bad to butterfly effect this? I mean, since I have another chance to relive this summer, might as well skip the part where my heart is broken.

"After all she's been through today, maybe not. Can you carry her Harry?"


"That's alright Anne. I'm already awake." I opened the car door and got out.

"Are you sure you're alright Diana? Do you need any help?" Anne asked concerned. She opened the front door of the house. 

"Yes, I'm fine. I'll just go off to bed." I walked in and went straight to Gemma's room. After changing into my pajamas, I got onto my side of Gemma's bed. "Good night Gemma."

"Good night. Are you sure you you don't need anything?" She said as she got onto the right side of the bed.

"Like I said before, I'm fine. Don't worry about it." A smile grew on my face as I closed my eyes. Do you remember summer '09? Want to go back there every night. Just can lie, it was the best time of my life. 


You have no idea.











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