Girl Almighty

[Book 2 of My Baker Boy Series] One Direction has been famous since 2010. It's the summer of 2015, and Diana decided to take online classes before going back to the Indiana University campus. What happens when Diana Garcia unintentionally sees her baker boy once more, only this time under the spotlight? Will she embrace him once more, or will something far greater than her visions trap her behind a another barrier? Warning! Yellow—may contain some mature content. Cursing is not censored.
© Copyright 2015-2018. All rights reserved. I don't own the picture used to make the cover.


6. Cross Your Fingers

Cross Your Fingers


My life is an awkward mess. First I embarrassed myself in front of One Direction. And then to top it all off, I have kept the biggest secret ever from Chelsea. I never told anyone before. 


Well, I told my mom, but that was dream-hallucination mom. Chelsea is the actual first person that I'm telling. To be honest, I was nervous trying to tell her the secret I've kept for six consecutive years. "Well, I'm waiting." I could already feel my hands getting clammy. My heart was racing, possibly able to burst out of my chest at any moment. I tried to say a word, but nothing came out. Chelsea noticed that I was a nervous wreck and proceeded to rub my back. "Look, it's alright Diana. Friends can have their own little secret to hide from time to time." She grins. "I mean, I never told you about Ye-jun."


"A-And I never told you about Harry." I finally managed to say.


"Yeah. I guess we both hid who our first boyfriends were."


"So, do you want me to tell you? I mean, as soon as I found out about Ye-jun from Sarah, you told me every single detail. I mean, every single detail."


"Well," She said, clearly flustered from my earlier comment. "might as well."


It took me about an hour to explain everything. I started from the time I had to stop in Ireland and ended with the vision I had of One Direction on the plane. "Wow. That sounds like your stereotypical fan fiction." She took off her glasses. "I'm starting to think that those 'visions' of yours aren't because of you being diabetic."


I raised my eyebrows. "You think?"


Yes, I'm a double liar. On the occasion, I can see into the future. I don't choose what I see. It just happens.

At this point, Chelsea's passed out asleep. I'm basically lost in my train of thought, replaying today's events over and over again. That was until I received a text from an unknown number. 


From: (310) 227-1043

Are you still up?x -H 

*received at 11:00 PM*


I blinked twice at the screen. Did Harry just text me? I was paranoid that it was someone else who signed "x -H" at the end. I texted back immediately to make sure it was him. 


To: (310) 227-1043

Harry? Is this you?

*sent at 11:01 PM*



From: (310) 227-1043

What? You don't think it's me?x -H 

*received at 11:02 PM*


I was about to reply back, but my phone started blaring No Control throughout the room. "Shit." I mumbled to myself as I ran to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and quickly answered the call. "Hello?" Let's hope it's not a random creep who got my number somehow.


"So, I'm guessing I should called from the beginning, huh?"


It was him. Thank God. "Well yeah. I thought you gave my number to total strangers."




"Harry, what the hell did you do?"


"I gave your number to the lads...just in case."


"In case of what?"


He paused for a bit, leaving my question unanswered. I heard voice from his end of the call. "Harry?"


"I have to go. I'll talk to you later, okay? Good night love."




Great. Just fucking great. Now three complete strangers have my number. I think I now see why my relationship with Harry didn't last. 





"Man it's late Haz," Liam said. "Who are you texting at this hour?" We were all sitting on the sofa in the relaxation tour bus, on our way to Pittsburgh. 'Daddy Direction' thought it was a good idea to rest before getting to Pennsylvania. However, knowing me, I would usually be occupied with my thoughts. In this case, I was occupied with a person behind a phone screen.


"Probably his girlfriend," Louis grabbed his chin. "What was her name again? I know we sang a song about her, I just don't know which song."


"Shut up Louis." The nerve of him teasing me when I'm a little interested in a girl. I hate when he does that.


"Georgia Rose?" Niall chimed in.


"No, it was something shorter." 


"Addison?" Liam asked. Well, there goes Liam being on my side.


"Close, but not quite." Louis looks directly at me. "Oh I remember now! Diana. How's the post-break up relationship working out for you?"

I looked down at my phone.


From: Diana <3

Harry? Is this you?

*received at 11:01 PM*


"I need to make a call." I got up from the sofa and walked to the loo. I quickly sent a text back. 

To: Diana <3

What? You don't think it's me?x -H 

*sent at 11:02 PM*


"Ah c'mon Harry! We're just teasing!" Louis yells at me.

Honestly, Louis takes it too far when it comes to teasing me about girls. Well, the girls I've dated have usually been only PR stunts, but it still hurts a little. I locked myself in the loo and called her number. Funny how Diana thinks it's not me. I dialed her number and it picked up after the second ring. "Hello?" Her voice echoed through the phone. 


"So, I'm guessing I should called from the beginning, huh?" I chuckled.


"Well yeah. I thought you gave my number to total strangers."


"Well..." I did go ahead and give her number to the lads. Just in case.


"Harry, what the hell did you do?"


"I gave your number to the lads...just in case." Maybe I shouldn't have told her.


"In case of what?"


I paused for a bit. I heard Niall's voice from outside the toilet. "Harry, get out here! We got something to tell you."


 "Harry?" I forgot that I never answered Diana back. Whoops...


"I have to go. I'll talk to you later, okay? Good night love."




I ended the call and got out of the toilet. I felt bad for not telling her my idea. I walked back and sat down on the sofa. Looking at all my band mates at least once, I ask, “Alright. What is it?” Louis and Niall look at each other, concern written on their faces. Liam was trying to avoid making eye contact with me. “What in bloody hell's going on?!” I couldn't take it anymore.

Niall pulled me aside and told me what was going on. Modest! had called back while I was in the toilet to reply to my request of letting Diana come with us on the rest of the tour, including the European leg of the tour. They said no. Typical. Of course it wasn't strange for management to turn us down like that. “I'm going to bed.” I murmured as I walked past Niall. “Good night Niall.”


“Good night Harry.” Just in the tone of his voice, you could tell that he was concerned.


I get into my bunk and to make sure no one bothers me, "Good night everybody!" I yelled out. Taking out my iPhone and the blue sticky note from my pocket, I opened Twitter. After searching '@DMG94', I finally found it. Her Twitter. I laughed and almost fell out of my bunk when I looked at her profile.


Name: Diana M. Garcia Styles


Bio: Writer. If that's not interesting enough, I also dated Harry Styles. Don't believe me? Well, neither do I.


She had a picture of...the five of us. As her header. Wow, it has been a while since I've talked to Zayn. It was an old picture, around 2011-ish. I moved on to her profile picture. It was her, smiling and wearing the heart necklace. "Good night," I whisper as I clicked follow. 



The Next Morning


"Wakey wakey Hazza!" Niall screamed as he made his way towards my bunk. 


"What?" I rubbed my eyes and got out of my bunk. "Where are we?"


"Pittsburgh you dumb ass," He throws a towel at me. "you might want to shower. We're having a meet and greet in like two hours and I'm pretty sure no fan is desperate enough to meet you while you smell like an animal farm." 


"I see someone didn't get some beauty sleep last night." I mumbled as I headed to the tour bus's bathroom. Getting out, there was a knock on the door. 


"Harry? You in there?" It was Daizha Smith, our newest stylist. The lads and I met her a while back at one of our concerts in Indianapolis and we promised her that she could become a stylist for us in the future. Okay, I promised her that. The others weren't on board at first because she was a complete stranger and a super fan, but it all worked out. She an incredible girl, not many can compare to her. 


"Yeah Daizha. Just a second." I put on my towel and opened the door. She holds up my outfit for the day: a black short sleeve collared shirt with a pattern of white arrows, red skinny jeans, and dark brown boots. Honestly, I can dress myself. But I have to uphold my 'current image' in the group. However, Daizha never disappoints with my outfits.


"What do you think?" She asks. 


"I think," I looked at the clothes. "I think they don't pay you enough." She laughed. "Hey um..." I pointed to the shirt. Usually I have to leave my button down shirts mostly unbuttoned because I have to give off a 'womanizer' look. I bloody hate it. It makes me feel like I am not wearing a fucking shirt. 


"You don't have to today Haz. Just wear your cross and rings, okay?"


"You're the best Daizha." I was about to close the door to the bathroom, when Daizha waved at me.


"You might want to hurry up and go get some breakfast in the hotel. I think Niall is about to inhale the entire buffet."


I couldn't help but laugh. "Noted." I closed the door behind me. In less than five minutes, I was ready to go. Checking in the mirror before I left, I sighed as I moved my hand through my hair. It's getting pretty long. I can't lie; it has become a hassle for me to handle. But management thinks I should stick to this look for a while. "It's okay Styles," I stare at my reflection, "Just a couple more months. Cross your fingers and hope for the best." 



Cross your fingers and hope for the best.






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